Written by Adam

20 Dec 2004

Recovering after surgery my GP had refused to sign me back to work and suggested that I start a daily routine of exercise,either an hours swimming or walking to build up muscle strength in my leg.After searching the local adds I joined a health club to take advantage of their pool.

I was about to take my first swim when the duty lifeguard said that I couldnt use the pool and wear my glasses,health and safety.I tried to tell him that without them I was as blind as a bat,but he was adamant.Having handed them over I spent the next hour bumping into and apologising to my fellow swimmers.When I left the water he could see how frustrated I was and suggested that next time I came about a hour before the pool complex closed as it was less crowded then.The next day I arrived at 8pm to find the pool was almost deserted except for a few diehard swimmers.By 9 I was the only one in the water,Ray the lifeguard had to call a stop to my swim so he could lock up.This arrangement was working well,when last week,I was held up in traffic and didnt arrive till 8:30.The pool was empty,Ray said he thought I wasnt coming and said I could carry on swimming after hours while he checked and locked up.I retrieved my glasses and was sitting on the side of the pool when he returned and said he was going to take a quick dip.He stripped off his top and shorts to reveal the smallest pair of lycra swimtrunks I had ever seen.They barely covered the swell of his genitals and you could clearly see his pubic hair brushing over the top.I left him and went to shower,as the water poured over me I kept seeing flashbacks of Ray in his trunks.I have always considered myself straight but I found the whole thing erotic.

When I returned to the locker room Ray was stood with his back to me peeling off those trunks.He turned to talk and what I saw next left me speechless.Between his legs hung his flacid uncut cock,it was thick and about 6" in length.Ray saw me staring and broke the silence by joking about his pride and joy.Ray walked over,cock swaying and asked if anything was wrong,I said in all my days at school where I had wanked a few for a dare,I hadnt seen a cock that big.Ray took my hand and placed it on his cock and said it was no different to anyone elses just a little larger.I should have withdrawn my hand but found myself gently gripping it an rubbing its length.Rays cock twitched as I stroked him and it began to grow in my hand to a magnificent hard 9"s.Ray put his hands on my shoulders and without force pushed me to my knees in front of him,his knobend inches from my face,it smelt of chlorine from the pool.Ray asked if I had ever sucked a man before and pushed his cock closer to my face.As it brushed my lips they parted and he fed the tip into my mouth.Not knowing what to do next Ray told me to suck and lick the end,my tongue was immediately covered in a slimey warm liquid,it had a slightly salty taste but was not unpleasant.Eager to taste more,I fed more of his cock into my mouth and moved my head to simulate a gentle fucking motion,gripping his cock with my tongue.Ray seemed to be enjoying my labours and urged me to take in more and speed up my movements.I felt him tense and his cock seemed to grow even larger in my mouth.Without warning he came,shooting his cum to the back of my throat almost gagging me.Recovering from the initial shock I fought to swallow it.Ray continued to pump his warm cum into my mouth until he withdrew.

He helped me to my feet and looked down at my own if insignificant erection.Dropping to his knees he placed his mouth over my cock and began to return the favour.Uptil now my cock had only been sucked by my girlfriends.What Ray was doing with his lips and tongue was something else.All too soon I felt my balls tighten and I came,maybe not filling his mouth with a large amount of cum but it felt like loads.

Ray asked how was it for me and said for a first timer I showed great promise as a cocksucker.I said that I had enjoyed it immensely and hoped we could try it again soon.

And so it has been ever since to this day,a late swim,followed by a mutual cock sucking session in the locker room on a bed of towels.