Written by ray

10 May 2005

my girlfriend dawn and i stumbled upon a great role play scenario that has launched our sex life through the roof.we were at a car boot sale and dawn stopped to look at some summer dresses that were being cleared for just £3 each.dawn said they were really nice and asked if i would get her a couple.i stood close behind her with my arms hooked around her waist.i brushed my groin across her lovely tight arse and said,"can i get an extra one so i can rip it off you when we get home?"it was only meant to be a light hearted remark but dawn reacted very keenly and was thrilled with the idea.i happily paid for three dresses and walking around the rest of the boot sale dawn was becoming increasingly excited about my suggestion.after the boot sale we were meant to be going onto the coast for the day out but once in the car dawn quickly said,"can we go back home?i want to try out the dress thing you mentioned."dawns face was lit up with excitement so i started the car and headed home to our flat.she was anxious to get home as soon as we could and she couldnt wait to get in the door as soon as we arrived.dawn hurried into our bedroom and said,"il let you know when im ready,wont be long."i put my keys away and waited in our living room looking forward to what was about to unfold.soon enough dawn came into the room looking flushed with excitement and looking down at her dress she said with a huge smile,"i thought this one would do."i walked over to her and gave her an appreciative hug and after a brief warm cuddle dawns eyes lit up as she asked,"are you going to rip it off me then?"i clutched her arse in my hands and pulled her groin against me and said,"i cant wait."dawns breathing quickened and became very eratic and with increasing excitement she said,"grope me for a bit before you rip it off will you."i backed dawn up against our living room wall and crudely ran my hands up and down her bare legs,up under her dress and almost up to her knickers really teasing her.dawn was really getting into it so i pulled one of my hands away and groped her chest over her dress.i could tell straight away she had no bra on underneath which fuelled my own excitement further.i squeezed and groped her lovely tits for a while then i held her flushed face in my hands and snogged her with absolute lust.dawn responded enthusiastically and when she couldnt bear it any longer she gasped out wildly,"go on then, rip my dress off,tear it off me."dawn was pressed up against the living room wall and her eyes were ablaze with lust as i grabbed the front of her dress with both hands.i looked directly into her eyes and dawn urged again,"go on,rip it off me."with a deep breath i tightened my grip on her dress then ripped it wide open scattering the buttons all over the floor.i almost tore her dress in half and i gazed at her tits as if for the very first time.dawn gasped loudly with great approval as i seized hold of her tits then quickly set about tearing and ripping her dress further.i pulled her down onto the fireside rug still ripping and tearing her dress into long strips and we ended up having the most lustful and frenzied sex session i could ever imagine possible.it was such an exhilerating feeling for both of us that made the whole scenario really special.as dawn left for work the other day she said,"il have a look in the charity shop in my lunch break.sure enough she came home with another dress and laughed as she told me,"the lady in the shop said..ooh dear..that will look nice on you..