Written by R master of rondatheslut

26 Dec 2006

My wife and I have been swinging for a number of years now.

We enjoy a bit of the fetish/Domination/submissive scene with our swinging and have been involved with a number of couples , single guys and one or two single girls in this time.

I like to see her being Dominated and well used by a good Master who knows how to treat a true sub/slut in the bedroom ,but have never seen her with a black guy befor.

Two years ago I decided to have her trained by 2 Black Masters as a birthday treat for her. I made contact with the guys through a fetish site , explained that she would do anything they wanted or take anything they gave her except , no anal, watersports,or heavy pain.

The only thing she was told was she was to be Dominated and used by two Masters for her birthday. On the night in question she was stripped except for stockings and boots, blindfolded, cuffed and hung by her wrists from our front room ceiling.

R and L arrived on time , I introduced them to the slut

and told them I wanted to see her completely used by all three of us , sexually,verbally and Dominantely.

They quickly stripped and began inspecting her intimately,

starting slowly they caressed her body and began to play with her large breasts and nipples. Then fingering her pussy, slowly at first but soon her cunt started juicing up. By now they were talking dirty to her calling her slut and white whore, told her what they were going to do to her. She was moaning as they began to work her harder , L was pulling her nipples and clipped them with pegs, R was fingering her cunt first 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 and finally he fisted her. He had his hand up to the wrist in her cunt, her juices were running down his arm and she was loving every minute as she sobbed for more.

R told her that she was to be punished for being a dirty white bitch.He bent her over still blindfolded and cuffed and began to spank her arse slowly at fist but built up a good beat until her arse cheeks were glowing. Her kept on spanking her , I thought she would ask for him to stop, but no her arse kept coming up for more . By this time they had taken her well past her pain limit and made her beg for more , which see did. I was photographing all this action and now decided to get involved. I stripped , got the slut down on her knees still cuffed and blindfolded and told her to open her mouth and pleasure her Masters.

R didnt need telling twice he forced his large black cock into her mouth, holding her by the back of the head her mouth fucked her deep. she was gagging on his big cock but kept taking what he was giving her. After a while L took his place and fucked her mouth deep . It was while he was doing this I removed her blindfold for the first time and she saw who her Masters were.

She was then taken down , I told her to assume the position, head down arse up, back arched and legs spread.

R fucked her first , he went straight in DEEP to the balls, she screamed with pleasure as he worked her long,hard and deep. We could hear the noise of her juiced up cunt as his cock plunged into her. all the time L and I were encouraging R to fuck the slut good. L then said she needed to be spitroasted so joined R in fucking the slut. one fucked her cunt one fucked her mouth.

R came first calling her a dirty whore who he was going to use all night.L took his place up her cunt , by this time she was ripe to take ANYTHING we gave her. I filled her mouth with my cock and pulled her cheeks apart so I could see L cock fucking my sluts cunt. While l and I worked the bitch R told her he was going to have her black gangbanged by some friends of his on his next visit. She smelt of sex like a bitch on heat and it all got to much for me, I came in her mouth. L was still fucking her deep as she looked at me straight in the eye and begged him to fuck her harder, this was too much for L and as he came he twisted her nipples very hard and she screamed with pain.

The rest of the evening the three of us fucked her mouth and cunt, cuming in her mouth ,in her cunt, over her tits,belly, face and arse.She was made to dance with weights hung from her cunt lips and nipples , was made to sit legs spread and play with herself until she came.

By the time R and L left she was completely drained , we had Dominated and fucked the slut to a stand still.

She loved EVERY second of the evening and begged me to have her used again shortly by her Black Masters R and L.