16 Feb 2016

As I was in the lobby at the hotel where I worked,my boss asked if I would clean a few more rooms as many were late check outs.. I was too hot, my oversized breasts were bursting through my shirt as the heat glistened onto my cleavage, "yea ill stay another hour!!" Fuk sake I mumbled. Back up to 2nd floor I go with my trolley... As I approached room 229 I seen the door ajar and a very beautiful woman standing in the mirror, wearing only her tight thong.her breasts were large yet perky.. I couldn't talk my eyes off her

Wetness quickly soaked my knickers as I rubbed my shaven wet cunt for this gorgeous woman.. Her hands pulling at her outsized nipples, moaning she turned round and smiled at me frigging my wet cunt. She approached me so willingly I grabbed her tits and sucked as hard as I could..i needed her so first woman. My first pussy..i fingered her tight cunt hard omg she screaming fr me to fuk her arse I climb over this beauty and fill her shaven wet hole with my tongue as I rammed my shivering fingers into her arse,, I suddenly felt a hard sharp pain in my arse but god it felt good.."harder, fuk me harder!!! ' this was fukin magic her pussy was tightening ..i sucked her tiny clit until her salty juices filled my mouth.. I climaxed into her mouth while she just pushed this object into my arse.. I jolted back and the champagne bottle fell onto the bed.. This was my first magical girl on girl experience....