Written by Joanna

30 Jan 2004

When i left college I got a job in a country garage serving petrol and cleaning. The boss used to repair cars and fit Tyres and I sat reading books until the air bleeper went and i went to serve petrol. after a while I noticed a half open draw in the desk and saw it was full of porn photos. I was looking at some of them when a car came in and out i went. when i came back in my boss was sitting in my seat looking at the photos! I must admit my lips were a little wet having looked at some of the ladies on the settee having their clits licked by men with really big cocks and what happened next was really good. He put some more photos on my side of the desk and asked me if they turned me on? What could a 18 year old girl say?I just giggled and went red!I remember feeling his hand gently stroking the inside of my knee inside my work coat and wondering what was going to happen? It felt like ages before he got up to my crotch and i opened my legs so his big finger could rub back and forward through my panties. I had been shagged a few times by boys in the village but never cum or anything. I asked if he wanted to do me? RELAX a bit and enjoy it first he said, so I did.I could feel my clit swelling up till I thought it was going to burst when a car came in. I had to go out and serve the customer and when i came back in he was playing with himself under the desk. He positioned me again and I felt him slide his hand up my overall and pull my panties down, I stepped out of them and felt his big hand go back up! He played with me for half an hour and my legs were soaking wet when he showed me his cock !! I think u need this now young lady EH? He took me into the stores where he kept the tyres and bent me over a pile of Lorry tyres and started pulling my overall up over my bum. I saw his BIG ANGRY COCK in his right hand and felt it as he pushed it up my cunt. God it fucked me and i nearly passed out as i had my first orgasm.ARE u gonna please me now he said? as i felt him pull out! He reached for a tub of Margerine on the shelf above and plastered his 8" knob with it? BEND RIGHT OVER he said and stick it right up in the air! I did this and felt his big mans hands on one side of my waist and BLOODY HELL FUCK ME I screamed as he shoved the big twat of a cock up my arse and after only two or three jerks He started spunking up me! He said he was sorry if it hurt and sent me to sit on the toilet for an hour till it all ran out. He shagged me for years after that and corrupted me into the dirty old woman i am TODAY