Written by horny watcher

20 Oct 2006

here i sit reading your letters while rubbing my cock i put on aff to see who is about there a couple who start to watch me then a couple of guys come on to me thy start paging me so we start talking. one want to meet me so he can have sex with me i'm tempted as its been a long time since i've had any sex.

the last time i saw a pussy was in the woods at yarnbrook near trowbridge i had gone there for a walk and to see if any body was making out this day i was lucky there was a young couple they were already at it she was on her knees sucking his cock he looked up and saw me first i beckened him if it was ok to watch and he nodded it was all right she stoped sucking him he layed on the ground she lifted her skirt and slowly lowered her self on to his hard cock all the time she didn't know i was there she start to rid him realy fast now then she started moaning saying more harder with all that was going on i had my cock in hand rubing it again the guy must of said that i was wanking while i watched them she turned round took one look at my 9" cock being rubed she called me over she turned her self around so she was facing me while still riding him she got hold of me cock and started sucking it that felt lovely it had been a long time since i had felt lips on my cock she keep cucking as her guy fucked her i said i was about to cum with that she bucked evenharder on his cockthenshe started shaking she was cum ing just as i shot my load into her mouth it dripped out of her lips down her face on to her tits just then the guy shot his load into her what a great time i had been back since but know luck hope that when someone reads this i might get lucky if i do then i'll tell u all about it . anyway back to the guys wanting to have sex with me i'm tempted if only to have some sex but would prefer the warmth of a women if theres any out there drop me a line a nd we can arrange a meeting i cant aswer emails on here so let me know at time and place to meet. look forward hearing from anybody.