Written by John

17 Nov 2004

We were on our holiday celebrating our 10th marriage anniversary. We left our kids at home and went to Bali for holidays.

On our first day at hotel we went for swimming in hotels pool.

My wife Ruby went to ladies to change, I went to men’s.

I undressed my self. I wore towel around myself to take off my underwear and slip on swimming trunk.

Suddenly a guy walked out from shower, he was completely wet and naked. He saw me and smiled and said hi I am Bob.

My tough was tied, I felt nervous watching his flaccid cock which was 8 to 9 inches hanging between his legs.

Again Bob said, come on, don’t be shy, this is men’s, you don’t need to wear towel and change, you see I change without any care. Saying this Bob came forward and removed my towel.

I just blurred out, Bob you have big one, how big it gets when it’s hard.

Bob just laughed and offered his flaccid cock to me.

I really don’t know what happened; I was down on my knees and took his flaccid cock in my mouth. I felt his cock growing and within minutes he was hard about 12 inches and I was licking and sucking his big cock.

I was enjoying it at the same time my 6 inch pecker was hard and I was playing with my cock as I was sucking Bobs cock.

Suddenly Ruby knocked door and said I am going to pool, come fast and she left.

Bob immediately withdrew his cock from my mouth.

I said please please let me suck it, yours is the first one I have sucked and I love it.

Bob said you can suck my cock only if I get to fuck your wife. One fuck entitles you to one suck.

I said deal but you will have to approach my wife on your own.

Bob said okay done now you go and join your wife and remember what ever I say or your wife says just say yes yes and yes only nothing else.

I said okay and wore my swimming truck and went to my wife.

I joined my wife in pool in shallows. Ruby immediately noticed my hard on and slipped her hand underwater and slipped my underwear down said you have got big hard on after such a long time. Let’s go to room and fuck.

Then Bob walked into pool into shallows. Bob was completely naked and he offered his hard 12 inch pecker to my wife Ruby.

As soon as Ruby saw Bob’s cock she said oh my god he is double your size.

I said yes remembering Bob’s instruction of saying only yes.

Ruby was still holding my cock in her left hand.

Bob took Ruby’s right hand and placed it on his cock. She grabbed it in her right hand and started moving. Her right hand barely hiding his one third of cock .

Bob said lets not fuck in room. Ruby showed her disappointment.

Bob said don’t worry we will fuck here only, what do you see thee.

I immediately said yes.

Next moment we moved out of water and Ruby slipped her swimming costume.

She was fully naked with us.

She went down on Bob and started sucking his big cock. She could barely take couple of inches in her mouth. I was enjoying the scene and moving my cock slow and study. Suddenly life guard came by. Life guard said, I am life guard can I help.

Ruby without turning around said yes yes fuck me, if your cock is bigger then my husbands cock.

Life guards cock was bulging in his jockey, he slipped his jockey raveled his big cock , bigger then mine at least 9 inches.I said , yes Ruby he is bigger then mine.

Bob was on easy chair, Ruby was on four sucking Bobs cock as lifeguard entered Ruby’s cunt with his big one.

She took time off from Bob’s cock and said; wow I am getting two big cocks, really big, much bigger then your cock my dear hubby. I AM LOVING IT.

To cut a story short she was fucked by Bob and life guard couple of times, always two at a time. Later I got to suck Bobs and life guards cock, so they can get hard again to fuck Ruby again. We even made video on her fucking Bob and lifeguard next day. Next ten days she was fucked by Bob and life guard and I got to suck them.

What a wonderful time,we had and this memory has remained with us .When we returned to our home. Whenever I fuck my wife Ruby I think of Bobs and lifeguards cock and we enjoy the moment. We also watch her video with Bob and lifeguard.