Written by Martin G

17 Aug 2005

My old career used to involve a couple of sales conferences a year, and as it was a very big company sometimes there were up to 150 people there. I was one of the Regional Sales Directors, and over the years I noticed that there was a certain type of girl who seemed to be attracted to those people at the top of the company. The wife of one of the other directors was a psychologist, and one night over dinner she explained it was a power thing that some women were attracted to. Similarly in reverse its why some company bosses, directors etc get caught up in sex scandals and bondage - they hold the power in their company, but want to be controlled outside of it.

Anyway, i noticed that one of the young field sales girls - Angie - was always hanging around the Directors at meetings and conferences. She was a very attractive girl - blonde - with long curly hair and a fantastic size 12 curvy figure. The rumour was that she had once worked in a lapdance club as a teenager, but now at 25 was settling into a promising sales career. It was obvious that she used her sexuality with her customers, and she had green contact lenses which meant that she had the most amazing eyes you'd ever seen............

At our annual sales conference in Birmingham, I was required to do a 'motivational' speech - for about 30 minutes. I prepared carefully and took to the stage with my lapel microphone ready for my section of the conference. After a few minutes i noticed Angie to the right of the stage sitting in the front row - well lit by the stage lights. You could see her eyes glinting, and she was wearing a tight fitting skirt, just above the knee, with 4" black heels. She looked stunning, and I really could not help but keep glancing at her whilst doing my speech.

I noticed that she kept crossing and recrossing her legs when i glanced at her..... and then i noticed that her skirt had ridden (or been pulled?) up much higher. It was difficult to see without staring, but i'm sure i could see some pale thigh above the lacy top of a hold up stocking.

I managed to keep my speech together, despite the distraction of seeing Angie..... and as there was a lunchbreak immediately after my speech - i was looking forward to a big glass of wine to calm the nerves! I left the stage and went through the hotel corridors to the room where lunch was being served. I noticed Angie ahead - looking back as if she was looking for someone. I needed a leak, so i dropped into the gents, and when i came out was surprised to more or less bump straight into Angie..... had she been waiting there?

She came over and formally shook my hand and congratulated me on the speech - she still clung to my hand as she said she would love to discuss it in more detail in the bar after dinner that evening. The afternoon dragged as I found myself thinking of little but how hot Angie looked! There was a seating plan for dinner - i checked it carefully, to find Angie was about as far away from me as she could be - damn - and she was on the table with the renowned company 'stud' who was a handsome male model type. Damn and blast.

The meal came and went, and a cabaret band entertained us after dinner, before the table broke up and everyone went to the adjoining bar. The wine had been flowing on my table and i'd had quite a bit - and more or less forgotten about Angie. My secretary and I were at the bar - double JD and cokes to finish the evening - we agreed to meet at breakfast to finish off a few details for the last day of the conference. We said our goodbyes, and i gave her a peck on the cheek as we took seperate lifts to our rooms. As I got into the lift, i heard a giggle as Angie, and an oder girl from the transport office caught the door just it was closing, and they barged into the lift with a crash. I said Hi and Angie said she'd been looking for me to continue the chat - the lift stopped and the transport office girl got out and went to her room.... jokingly telling Angie to 'be careful'.

Angie then stood very close and stated that she was far too pissed to discuss my speech - but did I fancy a nightcap in her room. As most people were sharing I pointed out that she would have someone else in her room..... to which she replied - no problem - i'm sharing with Sue - and at this precise moment shes having a threesome with two of the sales guys - she looked me straight in the eye and said -; 'the lucky cow- she'll be getting fucked in their room till morning'. I was flabbergasted and really didn't know what to say. The doors opened and i went to get out - Angie says - awe - come on just a quick nightcap?........ What could I do? OK then - i mumbled, and got back in the lift to go up one more floor. We went to the right, only two doors and Angie got her room key and opened the door.

My God the place looked like a bomb site - there were clothes everywhere - how could two women make so much mess so quickly? I joked about this and she explained that she and her room mate were comparing the clothes they'd brought - including clubbing outfits just in case...... and they'd ended up wearing each others clothes that night! Strewn over Angies bed was lots of very nice lingerie - expensive looking - she saw me gawping at it and joked that she should have tidied up for the boss...... don't worry I said as i picked up a suspender belt and thong of the chair so that i could sit down.

She poured a vodka and coke each from her mini bar and almost fell into my lap. She sat on the cahir arm next to me and we laughed about some of the cabaret jokes. She then just looked me straight in the yes with those terrific green eyes and just said outright - Are we going to fuck? Wow... was that her chat up line?

I said (stupidly) well i don't know really....... that was the best I could come up with! She stood up and unfastened her skirt and let it fall, then unbuttoned and removed her jacket and blouse, so that she was stood before me in a balconnette bra, purple with black lace trim, and a matching thong, matching suspender belt, and the same 4" heels. Do you like what you see she asked? She then reached forward and felt my now very hard cock through my trousers.......... ' Oh yes I think we are going to fuck - don't you?' she said.

With that I stood up, removed my shirt, and trousers as she laid back on the bed watching me. I laid straight between her legs as she pulled the thong to one side, grabbed my cock and guided it straight into her cunt..... she was very wet. She just whimpered as we had very passionate sex - about four minutes and it was over and we both lay panting as I collapsed at the side of her. We lay there and laughed as we realise we are just surrounded by various pieces of expensive lingerie and stockings.

I got dressed, and said goodnight to her - she kissed me delicately and held me close for about a minute. I needed that she said - I just wanted it quick. Can we get together tomorrow night - our last night - at the conference, and she would like to do things 'properly'..............

I said I'd look forward to it........... and returned with shaky legs to my very tidy and organised room..... I watched a little late night tv and drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face...................

Morning came oh so soon, with a knock at my door - it was Suzanne my secretary coming to go through the plans for the final day (and night) of the conference. I asked her to just wait a moment in the sofa whilst I had a quick shower. I woke myself up in the shower, dried and put on the towelling gown provided, and went to rejoin suzanne who by now had spread some paperwork over the table. She asked me if I had enjoyed my night, and told me I should make sure i'm not too late to bed tonite as i was looking tired. We finished the paperwork, and as she was leaving she gave me a kiss on the cheek , and in hushed tones at the door to my room said to me ' I hope you enjoyed the pleasures of my cousin Angie.......... and winked as she turned on her heels and walked down the corridor. I just stood there - stunned - rooted to the spot. Suzanne looked back at me as she wiggled down the corridor..... and smiled.

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