Written by Nick

23 Sep 2005

Some years ago I worked for a firm in a town in Hertfordshire, I lived in Berkshire at the time. It was a good, well-paid, job calling on retailers who,for a change, were always glad to see me and buy. Obviously I was happy with my job on the road and it got even better when I gained a reputation as a good fuck with many of the women who worked there. One day I was at Head Office and for a reason I can't remember missed lunch in the cafeteria. Once I was through I took a chance that someone would still be working and went there. I was in luck, Kath, the supervisor, was just finishing off. "Sorry Nick," she said, "there's nothing left. I can do you bacon and eggs if you like," she added. I thanked her and ten minutes later she brought me a plate of three or four strips of bacon and two eggs with a cup of tea. She also had a cup of tea, "I was just going to have one before I left," she said and sat down opposite. We started talking and at some point she said, "I hear that you're the best salesman we've got, Nick," I shrugged and smiled, I was. Then she went on, "What made you take up selling, I've always understood that it's the toughest job there is."

"Well, it certainly can be," I replied and I told her about my first sales job, selling technical manuals to the motor trade on commission. Very hard, soul destroying work for a novice, which is what I was. "So how did you get so good at it?" Kath asked. "I got lucky," I replied, "after a couple of jobs like that I could see that there was no future for me in that particular field. Then someone told me to apply to the leading company in the home appliance field, to cut a long story short, they trained their people in a proper school. I passed with flying colours and I was then selling to people in their homes, I found it a doddle!" I laughed. "What are you laughing about?" she asked me. "Depends how broadminded you are, Kath. Think about it, how many women do you know who are frustrated?" "You're looking at one!" she replied, "And you're right, I know lots, why?"

"Well, it wasn't long before I found out that being pleasant to frustrated housewives meant plenty of the other, I made the most of it." Kath looked wistful, "Wish I knew someone like that, I haven't had a good shag in years!" "What d'you think you're looking at now?" She put her hand to her lips, "Oh!" she went, "You wouldn't even think of shagging me, would you Nick?" "Why not?" "Well, I'm old and my figure's gone......" "You've still got everything any other woman's got." I said, "A woman doesn't have to be pretty with a good figure to be a good shag."

She gasped, "You don't mean that you'd shag me?" "Why not? Tell me where I can pick you up and I'll take you back to my hotel tonight and give you what you've been missing!"

"Oh my God!" I finished my bacon and eggs and after a little more talk Kath told me where to pick her up and I told her that I'd be there.

That evening I picked her up and took her to the motel where I was staying. She had certainly made the effort, actually she wasn't bad looking and she was about ten years older than I was. As soon as we got in the room I kissed her, she was trembling as I held her, "Oh God, I haven't been kissed like that in years!" I kissed her some more and unbuttoned her blouse to feel her breasts, they weren't large but they were full and hadn't really sagged much. I caressed them and kissed and sucked her nipples. She was breathing really hard as I eased her onto the bed. I took her blouse and bra off and unzipped and unclipped her skirt and took that off too. She felt my cock through my clothing as I pulled her white cotton knickers down and looked at her fanny. She had really broad hips and a massive mons veneris rose between her thighs, a thick bush of dark hair covered it, "Let's have a look then Kath." I said, and she opened her legs to show me the longest cunt-lips I had ever seen, "Gorgeous!" I told her, she looked pleased. I stripped quickly, "What a lovely looking cock, Nick, no wonder those women liked you!" I felt her cunt, the lips were closed at first but they didn't stay that way for long. Soon the outer lips swelled up and parted to reveal huge, convoluted inner lips. I caressed them as he wanked my cock, she became very wet and I finger-fucked her then started on her clit. She cried out several times, then she panted, "Come on, Nick, don't keep me waiting you know what I want!" I moved over her and she entered my cock with her hand, surprisingly she was quite tight, I fucked her gently and she began to moan. After a whil;e she begged me to fuck her harder and I obliged, she was so wet that it was splashing all over our thighs. "She realised when I was about to come and gasped, "Go on Nick, fill me up, fill my cunt up to the brim!" She cried out again as I rammed my cock into her and then ejaculated as fiercely as I ever had. I filled her cunt up alright, I normally ejaculate a good two tablespoonsful. She loved it, kissing me passionately as she writhed about under me.

We calmed down and she said, "God, that was the best fucking I've ever had, Nick! Can you fuck me again?" "Give me ten minutes," I said. I stayed inside her which again was something she had never experienced before, when I fucked her a second time, which I managed to make last about half an hour, she came. That was a first time too. We showered afterwards and I took her home at about eleven, fucked and happy. I was treated like a king in that company cafeteria afterwards and I also began to notice sly looks from several of the other women who worked there. If you want to read more, keep looking!