Written by Mary 'n' Phil

20 Oct 2006

The wife (Mary, 43) and I (Phil, 47) went on a weekend break down to Salisbury and stopped in a hotel just off the centre of town. On Saturday night we were doing the rounds and trying out a few hostelries when we came across three army squaddies out on the razz. To cut a long story short Mary and I we fascinated and at times, dismayed by the stories they had brought back with them from Basra. A pretty hard time of it for ‘our boys’ we thought, but sadly all too much forgotten about by the folks here at home. One of the lads ‘Spike,’ (34yrs) who incidentally was married and was member of the Royal Irish Guards, stayed and talked to us while the other two lads went looking for a fish and chip shop. When Spike was at the toilet Mary said that he deserved a great deal more from the great British public – ‘more money would help’ she said. ‘More free sex,’ says me. ‘Yeah, that would be a good start’ she replies without taking a breath. I then took the opportunity to throw down a challenge as we had previously talked of having some additional fun whilst away, ‘Show your true patriotism luv, and relieve him of his desert dust’. Mary looks at me and says, ‘Are you serious?’. I then asked, ‘Are you grateful?’. I was pleasantly surprised when she said that she wasn’t sure she could do it with a stranger but she would think about it. Again a long story cut short, we invited Spike back to the hotel for a night cap which he readily agreed as it was on the way to the taxi rank where he had arranged by mobile phone to meet his mates. At the hotel Mary asked if he would prefer a coffee rather than a beer as we had free tea and coffee in our room. At this point I think Spike may have had an idea what was going-on as he looked at me with puzzled look on his face. I smiled and nodded my head once at him and I wondered if Mary was game. When we got into our room Mary said to Spike in a matter of fact way, “I know I’m a bit old but what I do have is my way of saying well done and thank you for all you’ve been through’. She took deep breath, stepped towards him and gave him a kiss, and then another and another. I must admit that I was getting excited at the prospect of the evenings event so I switched off the main light during this and put on one of the bed side lights. I then went behind Mary and began to unzip her dress as they were kissing. In no time at all her dress was around her ankles. I then lightly pulled down the black slip she was wearing. Beneath this she wore black stockings and suspenders with matching bra and French knickers. Standard dress for week ends away At this point I must admit that she looked stunning in her finest seductive underwear. Spikes hands were all over her back and across her bottom as he kissed her face and neck. I had huge hard-on as I watched the wife getting turned on. Spike broke away for a moment and began to undo his shirt buttons, Mary helped and tried to get a few undone as well. I felt like a chocolate candle at this time and wanted to get in on the action so I turned Mary around and gave her a few kisses. I put my hands behind her back and unclipped her bra. The straps were then eased off her shoulders enabling it fall to the floor. I then turned her around to face Spike who was now standing in only a pair of dark blue boxer shorts. With his shirt off he looked as though he looked after himself having a broad chest and shoulders to match. He mumbled something, kissed Mary and then put is hand over her right breast. Mary let out a loud gasp as he manipulated her nipple with his fingers. After a couple of minutes Mary stood back and said, ‘Come on Spike, both of them’. Spike then took the left nipple in his mouth and began to suck at it while pulling at the other. Mary was gone. Head thrown back she held onto Spikes cropped hair as he went from one nipple to the other. I had now stripped down to my underwear and got behind Mary and pushed my erection into her bottom. Both her hands came behind her and began to rub me up and down. It was fabulous to feel her next to me yet see someone else slurping way at her erect nipples.

Things moved pretty quickly from here on in. The three of us moved on to the bed with me to the right and Spike to the left with Mary in the middle. Mary put one leg over mine and one other leg over his and resumed kissing Spike. I could hear muffled moans coming from Mary and saw that she had put her hand into Spike’s shorts and was getting a good hand full. With Spike still kissing Mary I saw him slip his hand into the waist band of her pants. She nearly hit the roof as his fingers slowly snaked their way down towards her honey pot. It wasn’t long before Mary’s hips were gently lifting and falling to the gentle rhythm of Spikes fingers as they slipped in and out of her wetness. I can still recall the noise of Spikes fingers mixing Mary’s juice, and her moans and groans as he gave her thrill after thrill. Needless to say that it wasn’t long before Spike sat up and began to gently slip down her knickers. I could see that Mary had managed to force Spikes boxers down his thighs and was now supporting a solid erection. Once the knickers were off he pulled off his own shorts and got between Mary’s legs. I lay on my back and watched as Mary open her legs and invited Spike into her wide open mound. With an almighty groan from Mary Spike buried his full length deep into her. He then began to ride her with long solid stokes. Mary was hanging onto his backside and pulling him in to her and whispering to him, ‘Fuck me hard, nice and hard’. Mary had a couple of big orgasms during which she smothered him in muffled kisses. They must have been at it a good ten minutes after which Spike withdrew got up and went round to the top of the bed and pushed his swollen cock into her mouth. Mary gladly obliged and sucked and pulled at him as he required. One of Mary’s hands was now under his sac and bottom while the other worked up and down his rigid shaft. Her tongue was lapping at his shaft while her lips worked at his bulbous end. It was now my chance to get my fingers into Mary’s soaking wet hole. I surprised to find how wet she was. Spike was pushing himself into her mouth while pulling her head up and down his length and saying ,‘Come on…..suck it’ .I thought at one point that he was about to cum but he pushed her head away. He then told her to get onto her knees. Obediently, her hand wiping her mouth she got up onto her knees, opened her legs and offered her bottom in his direction. Within seconds he was back into her and hammering away. I couldn’t see Mary’s face because of her hair but I could hear her grunting at every stroke as pounded his pelvis into her cheeks. I could plainly see that Spike’s fingers digging into Mary’s hips as he forced his way up into her belly. Five minutes or so later Spike said that he couldn’t hold himself any longer and was ready to burst. Mary then fell onto the bed, turned on to her back and opened her legs. Spike didn’t hesitate, he pushed her legs further apart and climbed onto the bed. I could see his large frame quite clearly and his glistening proud erection reaching up to his stomach. With a simple lunge forward he slid into her. He put then picked up her left leg and put it on his left shoulder opening her up for yet more pounding. Mary lay pined beneath him as his thrusting increased. I sensed that Mary was trying cum too as she was urging him to, ‘Fill me up’ as both her and Spikes breathing began to increase. I was delirious by now. I wanted to cum but I was mesmerized by Spikes thrusting as he forced himself into Mary until he was going like a steam hammer. After Mary had cum yet again, he gave a long continuous groan as he forced himself up to the hilt as I guessed he was now emptying his sperm deep in to Mary’s empty womb. Spike lay on top of Mary for a while and gently rocked back and forth presumably to drain every drop from his sac. Mary gave a gasp as Spike slipped slowly from her. I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to take advantage of the empty hole Spike had left behind. I climbed between Mary’s open legs and slid into her with no effort. She was hot, swollen and very, very wet. I couldn’t help thinking, here I am slipping into my wife with another mans sperm oozing from her after I had just watched him giving her a good fucking. In my now hyper state I was only good for a few thrusts before I filled her up for a second time. The three of us lay there for a quite a few minutes before Spike said that he better be-off. Spike and I got dressed and Mary by his time, had pulled the sheets around her. We said our good byes and good lucks as he left our room. Mary said that she couldn’t believe what she had done but I said it was the best gesture any woman could give. Mary and I spent the rest of the night having a dirty time reliving the evening with me between her legs sliding around on what was left of Spikes sperm. Mary said that she enjoyed thrill of being stripped by a stranger, of having him inside of her, the smell of a new body, how different he felt and how different he made her feel. I in turn enjoyed watching and hearing someone else working her up and making her cum several times. We had a great weekend, so much so that Mary promised me that we would go back to Salisbury very soon and find yet another deserving young soldier.