Written by mtpockets

23 Jan 2007

I had taken a last minute chance to go on holiday to Maspalomas in Gran Canaria with my mates, I was about 18 at the time.

After a couple of days we headed onto the nudist beach with a couple of girls we had met. After a bit of laddish messing about we went our separate ways, some off with the girls, some swimming and myself finding a little hideaway spot to do a bit of sunbathing.

After a short while I had this feeling that I was being watched and on lifting up my head could see this guy of about 40ish looking over at me. Well I had never had a man on man experience before but what with being nude the sun on my body and the attention I started to get a hard on. I wasnt sure what to do but although very nervous I was enjoying the attention. Soon the man siddled over to me and started speaking in english, all the time he was looking me up and down and of course looking at my hard cock. I did a bad job of covering up but he could still see that I was now fully aroused.

He told me that I had a lovely body and gently touched the side of my leg, I was so nervous that I could feel my voice shaking as I talked back, all the time his finger was stroking the outside of my high.

He too was now hard and making no attempt to hide his cock, I couldnt help but notice that he was completely shaved, this was my first experiience seeing this and it really tiurned me on.

Slowly his hand opend out and he place it fully on my leg , gently moving it further up towards my groin, I wa almost ready to shhoot my load my cock was leaking pre cum and I twitching with anticipation, suddenly I could see a couple of my mates approahing from the sea and I told him he had to stop and move away. He did so and I managed to roll over onto my towel to cover my woodie and let it subside eventually. They joined me and I dont think they new what had been going on , but we all left together shortly afterwards and all I could do was take a sneaky look back at my admirer and think of what might have been.