Written by Santa

24 Nov 2004

Earlier this week I placed an advert asking for helpers to assist me in emptying my sack and had a very good response which was a mixture of men offering their mouths and a few ladies saying they would like to meet next time they are down south.One of the replies was from a lady called Sue who was married in her late 20's with two kids and a non existent sexlife, oh and she lived not far from me in Igatestone.Any way she dropped me an email and explianed she was looking for some discrete fun during the daytime and she laughed when she saw my picture in my santa gear and asked if she she could chat online so we had a chat for about an hour and she told me she was feeling horny talking to me and asked if she could pay me a visit and I told her she would be welcome to come round and I gave her my mobile number and told her to call me when she got to Chelmsford station and I would direct her as I didn't want my address on the email.Anyway about 35 minutes later she rang and I told her how to get to me and she pulled up outside within 10 minutes looking very nervous so I opened the door and ushered her in and gave a her a welcoming cuddle and walked her through to the lounge and she giggled as I had worn the santa outfit as promised and sat down next to her and she saw that I had the computer on at the swinging heaven page and she said she was thinking of chickening out and I placed my hand on hers and told her I was glad she did come and leaned forward to kiss her and she opned her mouth allowing my tongue to explore her as one of my hands ran up and down the outside of her tight jumper which showed off her large breasts and either she was cold or excited as her nipples were rock hard.Sue then asked me to remove the beard and I did so and this made it easier to kiss and I now had my hand underneath her top and was massaging one of her large breasts and pinching her nipple and she was now breathing heavily and she moved her hand up the inside of my left leg and rubbed the front of my trousers and moved her hand inside and felt my throbbing cock and rubbed it up and down and pulled my trousers down and set it free and started to wank it off and placed her finger over the helmet and saw the precum at the end and then put the finger to her lips and licked it.I asked her if she liked the taste and she just nodded so I helped her remove her top and she soon unclipped her bra to release her large breasts and at forst she put her hands up to cover them so I gently removed them and told her she should show those beauties off and cupped each one n turn and kissed suckied and licked them flciking them with my tobgue as she pushed my head down so I could enjoy them and she opened her legs wider and I got my hand down the front of her now damp knickers and rubbed the front of her bush and the room was now beginning to smell of sex which turend us on even more and she pushed my head up and told me she wanted to fuck so I picked up a rubber and was about to put it in my mouth to rip it when she said she wanted to feel my cock inside her so I lay down on the floor and she climbed over it and slowy moved down until it was inside her and she began to bounce up and down as her tits swang all around and I grabbed them and massaged them as she leaned forward and kissed me and then leant back and she was truly in charge and throwing her head back letting out a sort of yelping sound and at one stage I thought she might break my cock in two she was really boucning hard but I didn't care as this woman had not obviously had a good fuck in a while I helped her enjoy herself.Sue then climbed off and asked me to pound her from behind and she looked great on all fours with her dangling tits swinging around as I again slipped my cock back inside her wet slit and she sucked me in and her pussy muscles tightened around my cock I pumped in and out and when I looked down I could see she had coated my cock with some of her juices and eventually told her I was going to cum so she quickly lay in front of me and grabbed my cock and pointed it at her large chest and I shot my seed over them and watched as she rubbed it all in and licked my cock clean and we lay there cuddling each other.When Sue had got dressed she handed me her knickers and said they were a reminder and if she can get away next week she will contact me.We had a long kiss in the hallway and I gave her pussy another finger and she said she would love another fuck before she went but she would be late to pick up the kids if she did and sadly she looked back and said thanks Santa smiled and she left.No sooner had she gone through the door than I was sat with another woody so didn't have any choice bit to wank it off knwowing it would of been better buried inside Sue.