Written by C & J

14 Mar 2005

My wife Jacky had been married for some years, and things got a bit stale. I got the opportunity to have a fuck with a girl I met whilst I was driving buses. Anyway Jacky got suspicious, and I let the cat out of the bag so to speak. She was furious, and said she would do the same to me. anyway a few weeks passed, and Jacky started going out with a local girl, who had a boyfriend but she had nights out anyway. Jacky met this lad called Bob, apparently he was a lady's man,, always a laugh. Jacky told me everything, after a few weeks going out with her mate, and meeting Dave. I arrived home from work to find she'd gone out early, the babysitter told me my dinner was in the oven, I was a bit mad, but sat and watched tv.

I expected Jacky back at about 11.30 as usual, but no sign, I went to bed about midnight, and every car I heard I jumped up at the window to see if it could be Jacky.

12.30 and I jumped up to hear voices, then a car door, next the car drove off and I saw Jacky's mate, on her own!

03.30 a taxi drew up outside, there she was. I went down to meet her and confront her. She told me straight, she went back and fucked Bob at his flat.

I asked her for the full story. Jacky said she was in the car with her mate and her boyfriend in the front, and She was in the back with Bob. They had a night in the pub, then all got into the car with fish & chips, as they had all finished, they all started to kiss and fondle each other,Bob had Jacky's tits out sucking her big nipples, this turns her on, and when they got near home Jacky asked Bob, do you want me to come back to yours? Bob jumped at the chance, so off they went. Jack had only ever had one lover up too then and that was me. They arrived at Bobs flat, had a coffee and a chat, next thing Bob took her through to his bedroom,, as they both undressed, Jacky was all exited. In bed they kissed and played with each other before Bob moved between her legs, popping into her fanny. Jacky said he took her breath as he was so big, Bob was an expert lover and hit all the right spots. Jacky said she come off a good few times before Bob, and when he did come he flooded her with his spunk, when he withdrew all spunk seeped out. I got Jacky upstairs and stripped her off Panties last, got they were dripping wet with spunk. I fucked her, but didn't last long, the slippery feeling was great. We both enjoyed the experience, and have done similar since.