25 Apr 2017

I walk into your room and see you naked and blindfolded on your bed.Two handcuffs either side of you. I walk in and without saying a word. I force your legs apart, breathing warm air across your lips.Then suddenly stop, flip you over, and handcuff you to the bed posts. Your now on your knees, and vulnerable. I see a empty wine bottle in the corner of my eye. A clear, long necked and smooth glass. I slide the bottle between your legs and tell you to ' slide down onto the bottle, and ride it'. You inch by inch down the bottle neck and love the feeling inside you as it makes your juices flow down the bottle neck. I see the glistening juices and have to taste them. i slide my tongue up the bottle and savour the taste, as i slap your bum cheeks. I am so turned on i rip off my clothes and my throbbing cock wants you. I jump onto the bed and stand above your hips as you moan and groan, as the bottle makes you want to orgasm. I grab your hips firmly, and pull your cheeks apart. Sliding my throbbing cock into your ass slowly at first and then thrusting. forcing you slide down further onto the bottle. Your grabbing into the bed sheet and groaning. I suddenly pull out stand in front of your satisfied face. I cum into my hand, while looking into your eyes and then tell you to lick the cum off my hand, like a cat with a saucer of milk. mmmmmmmooooooooooeeeeeeewwwwww!!