Written by Me

10 Jan 2004

I have wanted to try sex with a man for ages. We go to swinging parties and for a while I had got a very hard cock when seeing another guy shot is spunk all over a woman or cum in her. Fresh warm spunk looks great and would love to feel it shoot on my cock and balls.

A week ago I was in London and had 5 hours to kill between appointments. I though of trying a male sauna would a good way to find out what goes on and something to do during my wait between appointments. I racked my brains trying to remember where they are located, and then I remembered an Internet café on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. Went in and did a quick search, bingo found a load. So off I went to the nearest just 3 stops on the tube.

I entered paid my money and was shown where the changing / locker room was and was handed a white bath towel. There were three others getting changed. One guy about late 40’s early 50’s took my eye. He was not fat or thin and had a good body. I stripped to my thong and noticed he was having a good look at my body, I cock feel my cock beginning to stir. I stripped of my thong and wrapped the towel around me. Before leaving the locker room I turned and noticed he was still hanging around. Feeling a bit horny I adjusted my towel at the same time making sure he got a look at my, by know semi hard cock.

I went through to the café bar ordered a coffee and took it to the video lounge. Finding a seat with a good view of the gay video, with empty seats near me. Within seconds of taking the seat the guy sat in a vacant seat nearby. I would say about half the guys were having slow wanks watching action on the screen. So I let my towel open exposing my, hard cock and kept giving it a rub. The guy was having a good look at me and was slowly rubbing his shaft. Our eyes met and I smiled at him. Within seconds he moved to the next seat to mine. He leaned over saying I had a nice cock and asked me what I was into, I told him just sucking and wanking, nothing else. His cocks by now was fully hard a good 6” and fairly thick. I commented that he had a nice cock, which he turned in his seat so it pushed against my leg.

That did it for me, I got hold of him, as I did he slide his hand on my cock and whispered in my ear lets go to a private room or would I like to give a show for the other guys. I said lets go private. As we stood we noticed other guys were looking at us they must have noticed our hard cocks sticking into our towels.

We quickly found and empty private room, locking the door afterwards. Dropping our towels to the floor we presented each other our cocks and rubbed the ends together, which felt so horny. We wanked and sucked each other it was not long before I could feel his spunk building up. I asked him if he would shoot his spunk all over my cock, I kept wanking him till he exploded all over my cock. He did he kept wanking me rubbing his spunk into me, within seconds I shoot my spunk which he took in his mouth swallowing every last drop.

We kissed and could taste my spunk in his mouth. In the changing rooms we exchanged mobile numbers to arrange to meet again next time I was in London. Before leaving him still naked in the changing room I thanked him for my first time, which won’t be my last.