Written by Co-Worker

20 Mar 2006

SB-NT an acronym for a beautiful woman I work with, to protect her identity, is a nice, sweet, charming, intelligent, elegant, vibrant lady, she’s small, early forties, 140 cm (4’,7”) tall, blonde hair to the mid-neck, light blue eyes, I guess, size 12, measurements 32-28-32 a C-cup, very pretty and sexy. One Friday we planned to go out for lunch together since weren’t that busy at work

That Friday SB-NT was wear a white blouse, a long black skirt to her angles with buttons running up the centre between her legs from the bottom to the waist, the buttons were undone to the knee, black high heels, white hosiery, she had put in more of an effort on her hair, had shinny red lipstick on and she was wearing more make-up than she normally does.

I met her to go out for lunch, she had undone a few buttons on her skirt sometime during the morning and her skirt was now open a centimeter above the knee. SB-NT checked her make-up, reapplied her shinny red lipstick, said she was ready to go, she was going to drive, we had decided to go to an Irish pub in a near by hotel. We got to her car, she opens the door I got in, she walked around to driver’s side door, and opened the door. Before she got in, she unbuttoned a few buttons on her skirt, as she sat down her skirt slid up a bit, providing me with a nice view of the middle of her inner thigh. She checked her make-up and lipstick in the rearview mirror, unbuttons one button on her blouse, and we pulled away. As we’re driving to the restaurant I couldn’t take my eyes off her inner thigh, I was thinking a few more unbuttoned buttons or if her skirts had rode up a little higher, I could have got a glimpse of her panty crotch.

We got to the hotel restaurant and the waiter took us to semi-circular booth, as we were sitting down SB-NT unbuttoned two more buttons on her skirt and one more on her blouse, she quickly crossed her legs as she sat down. I was sitting beside her, looking at her white covered inner thighs, her skirt was now open about 10 cm (4”) from her crotch, it was at the point where I was trying to see if I could see a floral pattern or stockings tops, I concluded showing that much thigh, she had to be wearing pantyhose. SB-NT was showing off a little bit of the floral pattern from her bra and a little cleavage with the top few buttons undone on her blouse. SB-NT was providing me with nice eye candy for lunch and it was driving me crazy.

We sat eating our lunch, the usual cheat-chat, I notice she was constantly checking her watch, I thought she was worried about getting back to work and constantly looking around the restaurant. We finished lunch, she checked her make-up, reapplied her lipstick, we paid our bill, she checked her watch again, she said she had to go the lady’s room to freshen up. SB-NT returned a few minutes later, we sat there finishing our coffee, she continue to look around the restaurant, she appeared to be nervous, she pulled out her compact and re-applied her lipstick again, what was it with her lipstick, why was she constantly checking it and reapplying, why she looking around the restaurant and why did she appear to be so nervous?

Suddenly SB-NT yelled out, “Frank”, she got up, ran up to this guy in his mid-30’s, 180 cm (6’) tall, short black curly hair, very muscular and in great shape, she gave him a big hug and invited him to join us. As SB-NT was sitting down she unbuttoned two more buttons on her skirt, another on her blouse. SB-NT sat down, quickly crossing her legs, you could see the top white floral pattern of her stocking, the white clasp from a garter belt and a bit of bare upper thigh, her skirt was now open up the centre of her legs to about 5 cm (2”) from her crotch. SB-NT blouse was unbuttoned down to between her breasts and showing off lots of cleavage and a very sexy bra, she was really sexy. SB-NT introduced me to Frank and explained he was a good friend of her husband from out west. I sat there listening to SB-NT saying to Frank, “They weren’t expecting him to arrive until later in the week, She didn’t know he was staying in this hotel, next Friday they were planning on having him over for dinner, how happy her husband would be he arrived early” and bullshit like that.

I stopped listening and was sitting there looking at the eye candy, my cock was getting semi-ridged from the view. I was watching SB-NT while she continued to talk to Frank, she slowly reach down to start playing with a button on her skirt, she eventually undid it. There were only 4 buttons left on her skirt, I couldn’t tell from where I was sitting, but suspected SB-NT was now showing off the crotch of her panties to Frank. A minute later Frank took his hand off the table, reached down, slide his hand around her thigh, lifted her leg up, uncrossed SB-NT’s legs and pulled her legs slightly apart. SB-NT sat there with her legs slightly spread apart, her skirt made a V-shape running up between her legs to her crotch, exposing both stocking covered legs, garter belt straps, a little bit of bare inner thigh, but I couldn’t see her panties. Frank’s hand was caressing the top floral pattern of SB-NT’s stockings on her inner thigh, occasionally his fingers would slide up to the bare skin, he was only a centimeter away from her pussy, I was thinking, go for it start playing with her. SB-NT whispered to me it was OK, he’s a good friend of the family, the table cloth provided privacy, so no one else in the restaurant could see what was happening in our booth. Frank then slide his hand up her thigh onto her skirt, he unbuttoned the 4th button, slide his hand back down to her inner thigh and slowly pulled SB-NT’s legs apart, I watched as her skirt slide up and the V-shape opened to expose very sexy white semi-transparent panties with a white opaque floral pattern covering her pussy, pulled over a matching 4-strap garter belt. Frank slide his hand up her inner thigh and began caressing her thigh, I was excited as SB-NT sat there with her legs wide apart exposing her sexy lingerie, Frank finally slid he hand up her thigh to her panties and started playing with her pussy, SB-NT let out a soft moan and arched her back a bit. While Frank was playing with her, SB-NT reached up, arched her blouse out towards Frank , slide her hand in to adjust her bra, to provide a better view for Frank, from where I was sitting I couldn’t see inside her blouse. Frank commented how excited he was getting, seeing the top portion of her nipple just peaking out of her sexy floral bra, I was getting excited watching the two of them. SB-NT said, “We taking up a table, we should go to Franks room to continue, and asked me to join them,” I was so excited, dam right I was going to join them.

As SB-NT was sliding out of the booth, her skirt slid open behind her, you could see everything, her stockings, garter belt, panties, as she stood it hung closed, but as she walked the V would open exposing her sexy lingerie, she got the attention of every guy in the restaurant. One waitress, ran up to her to point out the buttons on her skirt had come undone, she pretended to be shocked, commented she’d go to the lady’s room to fix it and thanked her. She never made it to lady room, as we walked through the hotel lobby to the elevator everyone was staring at her as she flashed everyone with every step. When we were in the elevator, Frank kissed her and thanked her for being an exhibitionist and for the show. When the elevator doors opened SB-NT quickly walked out, and down the hall, as SB-NT was walking ahead of us I could see she was undoing more buttons on her skirt and blouse. She walked up to a hotel room door, she stood dead center in front of it, Frank opened the door and SB-NT quickly walked in.

I walked in, the sheer curtains were pulled making the room semi-dark, SB-NT was standing in the middle of the room with her back to us facing the window. Frank locked the door behind us, when SB-NT heard Frank finish putting the chain on the door she quickly turned around towards us. SB-NT was standing with her legs wide apart, her skirt was complete opened up the centre between her legs, only the waist button was left, you could see her white silk floral panties, pulled over a garter belt, and her stocking covered legs. Her blouse was unbutton half down her tummy revealing her matching unwire bra with a clasp between her breasts with both nipples peaking out the top. SB-NT was standing there breathing heavily and staring at Frank.

Frank walked up to SB-NT; they wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing passionately. Frank spun around behind SB-NT putting one hand on her breast and other on the crotch of her panties, and really started working her crotch. SB-NT look up at me and said, “It’s OK, Frank is my lover, the problem is when your married, your husband makes love to you like you're his wife and a mother, Frank knows what I need and want. I want someone to watch us, I want to be an exhibitionist, I want you to remain silent, only speak when spoken to, stand near us and watch.”

Frank removed SB-NT’s skirt and blouse and started playing with her with his hand inside her panties and bra; she looked at me and told me to strip, she said, “She wanted to watch me masturbating while she made love to Frank.” I stripped and started masturbating while Frank was playing with SB-NT, she was moaning and groaning loudly as her hips danced around. Frank asked her if she liked what she saw and she replied, yes. Frank said, I’m going to get the bed ready and walked away.

SB-NT walked up to me, grabbed my cock, started stroking it and playing with my balls, she said “don’t fucking touch me! You think I’m a nice, sweet, innocent, woman, today you’re going to see what kind of woman I really am” she asked “if I liked what I saw?”, I said “Yes”, she asked, “if I wish I could touch her like Frank does?”, I said, “Yes”, she asked, “If I wanted to fuck her”, I said, “Yes”, she replied, “No not like that, tell me”, I yelled, “Yes SB-NT, I want to fuck you!” SB-NT yelled back at me while she was jerking me off hard, “I’ll never let you touch me or fuck me, I will only let you watch me being fucked by another guy” Frank got a little pissed at what SB-NT was doing to me, he told her to stop, come over in front of him, to slide one of her hands inside her panties and other inside her bra and start playing with herself as he stripped in front of her. SB-NT was playing with herself as Frank stripped down to his tightly stretched black latex thong which showed the outline of a huge, erect cock. SB-NT was moaning and thrusting her hips around as she masturbated. SB-NT fell to her knees, Frank started rubbing his latex covered cock against her face, she was licking and kissing it. She pulled his thong down and started sucking his cock with long strokes, slurping on it, taking it to back of her throat, going to the base of my cock, hold it there for a few seconds and playing with it with her tongue.

Frank stopped SB-NT, picked her up, she looked like a young bride on her wedding night wearing bridal lingerie, being cared by her new husband to the bed to lose her virginity; he dropped her bouncing onto the bed. He unbuttoned the clasp between her breasts and slid it off her. SB-NT had lovely C-cup size breasts with medium sized pink erect nipples; Frank began kissing licking and sucking on her breasts. Eventually Frank slide down her tummy to between her legs and began kissing licking the very hot wet spot on the crotch of her panties. Frank slid SB-NT’s panties off, she had a beautiful pussy which was nicely trimmed with short blonde hair, he lay back down between her legs and began eating her hot, wet, pussy. While Frank was eating SB-NT out, I was standing beside the bed masturbating, watching, SB-NT was staring at me, she said to me, “I love watching you jerk off”, “Do you like what you’re watching?”, I replied, “Yes”, she asked, “Do wish you could be eating my pussy?”, I replied, “Yes”, she replied, “No not like that, tell me”, I yelled back, “SB-NT I want to eat your pussy!” Frank got pissed at what SB-NT was doing to me, he jumped up and said, “She’s yours” and started jerking off, standing beside the bed.

I jumped between SB-NT’s legs and took over where Frank had left off, the roles had changed, I was eating her hot, wet pussy and Frank was now watching us masturbating. SB-NT wasn’t resisting, her pussy was thrusting forward into my mouth, her hands were on the back of my head pulling me into her pussy, she was feeding me her pussy, moaning & groaning loudly. She tasted delicious, she had a huge orgasm in my mouth and I eat every bit of her love juices. I slide up to her breasts, caressing, kissing, licking and sucking on them. I continued to slide up her so we were face to face, we began kissing passionately and she whispered softly to me “fuck me”, I slide my cock into her hot, dripping wet pussy and began fucking her passionately. As we were fucking SB-NT, she said she want to give me a blow job, just before I was about to cum I slide my cock out of her pussy, slide it up her body between her tits to her mouth. While SB-NT was deep throating my cock, Frank stared pussy fucking her. We were both on her, she was loving every minute of it, she was rocking her hips and mouth up & down, she was bouncing around on the bed like she was a raggedy Ann doll, moaning in pleasure.

I was ready and yelled out announcing to everyone, “I’m going to cum.” I started to pumping my cum into SB-NT’s mouth, she pulled my cock out of her mouth so I blew part of my load onto her face. She sucked and licked every last bite of cum from my cock, I rolled to the side of her. Frank then yelled out, he was going to cum, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and started pumping his cum onto her pussy and tummy. SB-NT reached down and used her hand and fingers to extract every bit of cum from his cock. We rested for several minutes, SB-NT laying there covered in cum then stated, “She always when to do a 3-way with 2 guys and wanted to do it again sometime soon.” Later as we were getting dressed she said to me, “See this is the kind of woman I am”. I reached down grabbed her ass, pulled her face to face to me and said, “On Monday wear something sexy, because I’m going to fuck you in one of the corporate board rooms, like the woman she really are”, I kissed SB-NT and left the hotel room. Our Monday meeting is another story.