Written by Andi :D

30 Sep 2019

I am new to the dogging sceen , i drove down to my local dogging area on 10 September i waited for about 10 mins when a van pulled up . the driver stopped smiled and got out his fan , he rubbed his cock over his jeans so i knew he was keen .he came over to me and asked if i liked xdressers i said i had never been with one ( i have only recently just sucked my first cock )he told me to follow him in his van to somewhere a bit more private . he took me to a flat anyway i sat down and he wanted to see if i was keen or not a time waster so he got his thick cock out and told me to suck it i told him i was inexperianced so i opened my mouth and licked his shaft to the bell end then popped it all in and i sucked it nice and slow but hard .

He pull away and said he had a treat for me and he would be back soon , i had a rock hard on anyway i was sitting down and he walked in dressed like a school girl slut - wearing stockings , suspenders skool girl skirt , white shirt and white knickers he asked if i liked it , i almost cum looking at him .

He said he wanted to suck me , i dropped my panties and he sucked all my cock and gave good cock sucking ..... good head , i told him i was ready to cum my load but i didnt want to spunk yet . he got up and he lay down on the seetee i pushed his skirt up pulled his cock out of his knickers started wanking him , he look fucking hot wearing the school girl gear .

I dropped my head onto his cock and i sucked him nice and hard he was loving it , and to tell the truth so was i . he got off the setee and got on all 4s he asked me to rim his arse hole but i was so turned i dived in eating his arse out . he then asked me to fuck him but i have never done that so i said i wouldnt - he the walked out of the room and returned with a 9 inch " vibrator he pleaded with me to fuck his arse with it , so i turned it on and pushed it in and slowly started to fuuk him he was wanking his cock in time with my thrusts . i then layed down on the floor so i could look up his skirt seeing his cock out of his knickers and the stockings it was a fucking site - he stood above me looking down at my feet i was wanking he picked up the vibrator and started fucking his arse he squatted down and was fucking his hole he then pushed the whole of the vibrator into his man pussy hole and started wanking after a few thrusts he came all over my face and chest , i got up and told him to lay on the floor i was ready to blow i wanked and sent a squirt of spunk over his stockings and cock i moved forward and squirted into his face . i was exhausted the thought of it is making me hard again . i am a married man , but sucking that skool x dresser was the best..............more to follow