Written by Angie

24 Nov 2003

I have always liked the taste of cum, ever since my schooldays. About 10 of the lads used to congregate behind the cycle sheds at lunch break, and wank themselves (and sometimes each other) silly. I longed to watch them, but they always posted one boy as guard. One day I offered him a feel in my panties to be allowed in, and he agreed. Once inside the lads seemed happy enough to let me watch. One of them was almost cumming and he called across @Hey Angie, come and finish me off'.

I went over and took his nice warm cock in my hand, and he showed me how he liked to have it rubbed up and down. I then used both hands and rolled it like I was making a cigar. He started to moan, and I thought I was doing it wrong, but looking at the pleasure on his face, and his eyes shut tight, I could see he was in ecstacy. All of a sudden a hot stream of cum shot out over my hands. I was just about to wipe them on my dress, when he said 'eat it, you'll love it'

I always imagined that cum tasted foul, but when I licked a little with my tongue, I discovered that the flavour was wonderful. Saltyand gamey and quite delicious, and I wasted no time in taking down the rest.

Another lad called me over, and suggested that since I liked the taste so much, that I shouldn't use my hands, but suck him off instead. By now I was feeling really randy, so I opened my lips and took his cock in my mouth, licking round the tip while I did. The taste was nice, a bit like prawn-flavoured crisps, and I happily sucked away, managing to take him deep in my throat, and loving the hot spurt from him as he came.

Of course after that all the rest wanted a blow-job, and when I had finished all 10, some came back for seconds. This continued for some months, and with all that cum, I didn't need school dinners any more.

The High-Protein diet also did wonders for my figure. My hips swelled, my bum cheeks became fat & round, and my tits developed from a 32a, to a 40EE.

Eventually it was the last day of school and I gave my lads their usual milking session. As I finished the last one off, I looked up to see Mr Simmonds, the Geography teacher standing watching me.

'I'll see you in my room after school, Angela,' he said sternly. But that's another story.

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