Written by Pete G

10 Dec 2004

One of my rugby team mates was getting married and asked if he could stay at my house the night before the wedding. That night we went for a drink with his relatives staying in our village for the wedding weekend. After closing and more than our normal number of drinks a few returned to my house to carry on. After a while I went to the kitchen and as I turned around to open a cupboard his sister in law was behind me. She immediately started to kiss me and grope between my legs. She had a good body and was dark skinned which I like so I did not object and went for it. I was recently separated so did not know when the next opportunity would arise. After a while she had the desired effect and I had a raging uncomfortable erection. My friend came out to the kitchen and saw what was going on and cleared out the stragglers and went to bed so I could make the most of the situation. I found out that Liz was a single mum from Glasow and didn't get out very much and was gagging for my cock. We went to bed where she stripped me and sucked me to a purple and larger erection than I had ever had then insisted I give it to her hard doggy style. I obliged and loved the fact that she was the first woman I had come across who took control. When I had brought her to orgasm which didn't take long she worked on me to get me erect again. I was her sex slave there to please her and the session only ended when we had exhausted my stock of 9 condoms and she never repeated the same position. My balls were completely drained and on the 9th orgasm my cock was pumping and twitching but there was no more spunk to give. This was a few years ago and I now always have at least 10 condoms in my bedroom as it is my ambition to do this again and reach double figures,