Written by Jason

4 Jan 2007

My name is Carl; I am of modest proportions, but thought I was still meeting the needs of my partner Carol. I was considerate, always held back until she was ready, and tried to stay inside her as long as possible after I had cum. But in one of those curious little pillow-chats couples have during and after a sexy session, she confessed she would like to try a really big willie....'Nothing heavy, Love, just a one-off to see how it feels.....' OK. No problem as far as I was concerned, it meant a 3-sum as I did'nt want to miss out, and I said so. 'Well. lover boy, it won't be my first....before we met I had an impromptu threesome in a car park one night...mind you, was all a bit rushed and clumsy, would be nice to play at home!'

Well, amongst my circle of friends, I could'nt think of any of them either well-endowed, or brave enough to fill the vacancy. Until, that is, we had played (and lost to) Heron Tigers on the rugby field. The usual raucous melee in the communal showers almost froze for me when I saw Ian Prichard's cock. It dangled a good eight inches from the mass of black pubic hair that concealed his balls, and was fairly thick. In my mind's eye I could see it hardening to give Carol just the treat she wanted. After we had dressed and moved toward the beers thoughtfully provided, I tackled Ian head-on. 'Ian, old mate, my missus is looking for something you've got...!' 'Oh yes...whats' that?' I explained as delicately as I could that she was loking for some 3-sum fun with a well-hung stud. His eyes lit up. 'Your Carol? Bloody hell, I've fancied her for ages, but kept my distance as she was with you!' He paused for thought. 'Is she really up for it?' Well, that Saturday was out, as she was 'indisposed', but we agreed next Friday at ours. Ian being single meant no hassle or excuses...just how we like it.

Carol got hornier as the week went on...'How big was it...did he have a large knob...is he all hairy? Now, Carol had a thing about hair, she and I were both completely shaved, but I explained that you could'nt expect other folk to follow suit. Nonetheless, I did ring and mention it to Ian; 'No sweat, old son, I'll trim right down, just for the lady!'

Friday evening: Ian arrived at seven, with a box of Belgian chocolated and a smile. He and Carol embraced - I noticed his hand work round her bum until he must have almost lost them in her crack. Carol was dressed to kill: Tight white top, flimsy bra, silk pants and NO KNICKERS! Phew....even I was getting warm. I served drinks, and even in that short time Ian was brushing his hand against her tits, tweaking the niples protruding through the thin material. Carol had started a slow voyage of adventure along the top of his slacks until she suddenly realised just where the tip of his stiffening penis was. 'Want to see the goods?' asked Ian, grinning from ear to ear. So saying, he lifted himself up , undid his belt and zip, and pushed both his slacks and pants down over his knees. Carol gasped as his huge cock sprang free, the foreskin already back to reveal a purple-red head the size of a small apple.

Carol was onto his knob in a moment, taking as much of it in her mouth as she could; absorbed in this she hardly noticed me unbutton her top and remove her bra. The next thing I saw was Ian's hand pushing up the skirt, then burying his hand in her crotch. I undressed myself, and was proud of my own hardness, but it was no match for Ian's; We have all heard the fisherman's tales of 10-inch cocks, but his was the largest I had seen. His balls, too, were large, and now free of the mass of hair. I took several shots with my digital camera before it was clearly time to move on - we all laid on the big white sheepskin carpet in front of the fire, Carol and Ian losing the last of their clothes in the process. They went into a 69, Ian below, and me playing with Carol's tits and arse, although I found Ian's fingers also probing he bum. Twice he had to stop Carol's enthusiastic sucking....he must be ready to come...sure enough, just as she took her mouth off his rigid tool, he shot a load of hot white cum all over her face, in her hair, even up her nose! OK, Mr. Cumquick....my turn....easing myself into her really wet cunt, I took Carol from behind until after a few hard right-in strokes I too came, emptying myself as deep in her as my modest todger would allow.

Carol, though, had still not had that lovely big cock inside her vagina....and Ian was'nt going to throw in the towel, either. As we lay on the rug gently carressing and probing each other (I noticed Carol had put two cunt-wet fingers up Ian's arse) we two guys came back to life, and it was'nt long before Carol straddled Ian and began the task of feeding his now-rampant shaft slowly past her gaping labia until the purple head had vanished inside her; she was breathing heavily, the gently groaning as inch by inch she took all but the last little bit. She then started riding Ian, slowly at first, the faster and faster until she was pounding every last inch of that monster penis inside her. I have never heard Carol scream before, but as her rhythmic pumping reached a climax she fell accross Ian until she was finally sprent. Her love juice seeped into the sheepskin rug, followed by a trickle of white sperm.

Ian agreed to stay the night: He really was a stallion, and I think Carol had at least two more orgasms with Ian deep inside her.....me? Yes, I came once up her arse, and once in her mouth whilst Ian was working his magic below. My favourite game after a good threesum? I suppose it has to be rugby.......