Written by sacha

17 Nov 2004

The phone goes Leif gets off the bed to answer it sits back down on the bed next to me talking in swedish he smiles at me then takes my prick and begins to wank me i can feel my cock hardening he runs his fingers down to my arse my cock bucks when he pushes first one then two fingers into me my arse slight sore it tingles i reach over and stroke his long prick it feels big and lazy only half erect he points to the lube and the condoms still talking on the phone he lies back brings up his knees so i can see his arse puts his hand over the phone whispers fuck me.... quietly

i smear lube over his arse hole pushing in a finger i feel him tense against it and relax two fingers now i start finger fucking him opening my fingers to stretch him

his prick begining to harden again i take his balls in my mouth running my tongue up and down the vein then pulling back the foreskin beads of precum appear i take the tip in my mouth tasting his precum again his prick tastes great a mix off cum and strawberry lube his prick is still feels heavy and soft in my mouth so hot and smooth it pulses as it gets harder feeling his prick grow in my mouth i want him to fuck me again my arse throbs with anticipation of thought of him fucking me i put on a condom hes still talking on the phone quite relaxed he sees my hard condom covered cock draws his knees right back placing his legs on my shoulders i guide my cock into him hes very tight but i can slide my prick right in and slowly i begin to fuck him

his conversation end he pushes away the phone fuck me harder i pull out to start when he reaches round grabs my bum pulling me into him hard his face close to mine we kiss urgent hot wet passion filled kissing we fuck in unison me pulling quickly out him thrusting my cock back in after 5 minutes im close to cumming he senses this pushes me out turns over presenting with arse i go down on my knees pull his bum cheeks apart and then rim him he bucks and moans with pleasure as the tip of my tongue flicks in and out of his slightly open puckered arse running my hand between his legs feeling his hard on moving my hand up his length our hands touch hes wanking himself such a horny feeling Fuck me Sach his voice is broken i stand up enter him again fucking him quickly long deep strokes cupping his balls with one hand my other on his shoulder pulling him back oh fuck i cum he stands up reaches behind thrusts me into him then lies back down i fuck him till my cock slides out i roll on to the bed exhausted covered in sweat my cum dripping out of the condom he gets up stands over me his huge erect prick in his hand he sweating slightly looks very determined he drops between my legs removing the condom licks up my spunk sucks my prick then follows the trail of semen to my arse oh god his tongue feels so good wonderful licking and sliding over my arsehole he gets up stands over me again "i want to fuck you without a condom you can trust me its only you and my wife" this shocks me im in a quandry i really dont care i just want his cock inside me again i dont say anything he takes my silents as consent with one hand he massages my chest and shoulders the other lubes my arse he tells me to get on my side one leg up against his chest he pulls me up so quickly hes inside me fucking me hard and fast im moaning crying out no pain like the first time just this hot all consuming extacy he slows pushing in deeper holding his prick in me i cry out fuck me faster he pulls out of me quickly puts my legs over his shoulders enters me again fucks me fast deep thrusts we kiss again its my desire for him to fuck me is insatiable

but then he slows i can feel his prick slightly expand as waves of orgasm break over him arches his back his warm cum shoots inside me three more little thrusts as he spurts more spunk in me then he collapses on me spent we just lie there for 15 minutes feeling his prick getting smaller till it slides out with his spunk dribbling down my thighs he massages it into my chest putting his fingers into our mouths then we just lie there kissing smelling of sex and cum there nothing else to beat being fucked with animal passion and desire

my girlfriend likes fucking me with her dildo but its not as being good as being fucked by a well hung guy we are looking for a guy to join us......

Leif used to fly over on business once a month friday night till monday morning getting the above

after a year and a half he went to america to work