Written by Happycuckold

22 Jun 2005

Mary and I had been married for over 20 years and despite being of large build we saw deatils on a site about nudist beaches around the country so we saw one was around the Clacton area and we packed the campervan and set off.Mary was excited about stripping naked and walking along the beach in front of strangers and getting a look at both naked men and women and she hiked her dress up and began to rub between her legs and I found it hard to concentrate on the road and told her we had better turnoff into the next services so I can give her a seeing to to help her relax.A couple of minutes later we saw the sign for services and no sonner had we pulled in than Mary closed the curtains lifted her dress over her head and spread her legs to reveal her furry pussy for me to bury my face into and she smelt so good seeing as she is always wet and ready ashe told me she wanted my cock buried inside her hole so I got up pulled me trousers down and slid inside and soon I was bucking up and down and the campervan was moving around so anyone walking past would know waht was going on and Mary begged me to spunk inside her and then she jumped as she could see a pair of eyes perring in through the curtains which she obvioulsy hadn't closded poperly and a young black man around 20 banged on the window and mouthed if he could fuck her too.She nodded and pointed to the front door and he was in and stripped off revealing a long black dick of massive proportions and I was pushed out of the way bu Mary as she lent forward and got her hands round his tool and kissed his helmet and told him to stab her cunt deep as I watched with my own erection I just watched as she acted the slutwife and he had sweat pouring down his face onto her massive tits she said he felt like a real man should long and hard and I felt unhappy but glad she was getting fucked hard and he said he was about to come and asked her where she wanted it and she wrapped her legs round his back and said in my pussy you balck bastard and he pounded harder and faster and shot his seed into her and I watched as it dribbled out of her hairy snatch and when he reobed his cock it was covered in a mixture of spunk and pussy juices and Mary told me to clean his dick and get it hard for another fuck so I licked his cock up and down and soon he was ready to go again so Mary got on all fours and pulled her arse cheeks open and told him to fuck her shitter and he slid right in and grabbed her dangling tits and was verbally abusing her as she just said to me she now wants more black cocks inside her as they feel better than white ones and Majowski said he had 4 housemates who were all black and under 25 with cocks as big as his and they tour the country fucking white sluts and he shot his second load up my wifes arse and carried on pumpoing until his balls were empty.

They lay there for about 15 minutes and Majowski sucked on marys tits and said he wished she was still young enough to breed as he would love to make her pregnant and she kissed and cuddled him and she asked him if we could go back to his placve for the night and he smiled and phones his mates to tell them to be ready to fuck a dirty whiteslut all night.We got there around 5.00 pm Monday and left 12.30 am Wednesday and Mary had to be carried out to the car as she had been fucked so many times she couldn't walk and her pussy and arse had literally been widened so much but she told me several days later she loved it all and wants to become a whore for balckmen and have me take her up and down the country to be serviced.I love Mary so much I will do anything she wants and I do enjoy her being fucked and I too wish she was young enough to have black babies so any blackman walking in the street would know she would bend over lift her skirt/dress and accept his black spunk inside her.