Written by dirty boy!!

23 Sep 2006

Many times i had telled her during sex that i wanted to see her gettin fucked by another guy/guys shed get so horny whilst we fucked n i could feel her gettin even more wetter...Louise is 29 with nice size tits,size 10 n a great ass!!

when we we talk about fantasies out of the bedroom she says she is happy with wot shes got at home n doesnt think she could go through it if faced with it.

About a month ago during sex I asked her who shed let fuck her out of all my mates she surprised me by goin for danny a taxi driver mate he is 42 a average type of guy.

The next day i thought about wot shed said the nite before and just happen to call at Danny's!

After bout half an hour i plucked up the courage to ask him wot he thought of Louise and if he had the chance wud he go for it.At first he was shocked but i told him not to worry n just tell me wot he honestly thought.He told me he liked her n wouldnt say no.

So I arranged with him when she goes out the following weekend i would tell her i will get her a taxi home as ive had a drink so cant pick her up so he could try it on with her.

Sat night I waited for her call at 2am i got a txt to say she were ready to come home so straight away i got onto Danny n told him where to pick her up.

When she got in the car he phoned me n left it on so i could here him chat her up.

It was great n such a turn on listenin to them chat then i heard her say 'no i cant cheat on him i never have even kissed another man'

to which he peplied 'Isnt it about time you did,come on just one kiss'

It went quiet for a few seconds I couldnt beleve hed pulle it off.

'See that wasnt too bad was it,Ive been wantin to do that for years' he said

to which she replied 'I've secretly fancied you too'

'Well u wont mind if i do it again then' and it went silent again.

Then i could her slight moans from Her my mind was workin overtime imagin what he was doin to her.

'Mmm that feels good , god i feel so guilty'

'Dont' said Danny 'If your enjoyin it'

It turns out he was fingerin her n playin with her clit.

Her moanin got louder as she built up to her orgasm.

I was sat with the phone on loud speaker wankin my hard cock furiously.

She came with a loud moan

'wanna see wot youve done to me'said Danny then i heard a zip as he must have un zipped his jeans n got his cock out

'Oh my god wot am i supposed to do with this' she said

'Why wots up with it'

'Its massive look iv got both hands round it n theres still more!!'

by this time i was ready to explode as i thought of her wankin him off.

'Argh that feels good Louise make me cum'

Danny sounded in heaven as i heard her wankin him off as they kissed.

'i so wanna fuk u Louise'

'I wouldnt be able to take it' she said.

To which Danny said 'Well i wouldnt mind tryin r u up for it babe'?

'No i cant Danny but i'll do this'

then it went quiet for a second before danny let a moan out 'ahh yeh suck it louise mmm thats good'

By now i couldnt control myself and came so hard ias i listened to my g/f of 10yrs suckin my mate off.

'move quick im ..' moaned Danny

Then he moaned loudly as he came in her mouth 'argh Louise that feels so good argh'

I couldnt beleve shed swallowed his cum she hardly ever for me.

'You dint have to do that although im not complainin!'

she said bak to him 'Well you shouldnt have turned me on so much with that big thing of yours'

He dropped her off n she crawled into bed as i pretened to be asleep with a stonkin hard on.

Next time Im get him to fuk her It would be sucjh a turn on hearin her get took by his monster cock.