Written by Peter

23 Mar 2004

Last saturday morning I thought I would pay a visit to Soho and see what the sexshops were like there these days so I travelled up from Essex and started to walk around the streets and found a new shop and entered.I went straight to the DVD section and started to look for anything I hadn't seen before when through the corner of my eye I noticed a busty woman standing a few yards away closely followed by her hubby.She asked if I had found anything good yet and as she asked I found myself with a good view down her top so I said maybe.She then walked off to another part of the shop with her hubby so I carried on browsing and chose two DVD's to buy and was just about to leave the shop when the woman came back waving some nipple clamps and asked me if I liked women who wore them.I smiled and said jokingly how I would like to see them on you, so she took my hand and led me to the changing room.Once inside she planted a smacker on my lips and pressed her tits against my chest so I turned her round and lifted her top and grabbed hold of her big tits and massaged them and flciked her fully erect nipples.As I did this she was pushing her arse against my hard cock which hadn't gone unnoticed as she unzipped my trousers,then pulled up her skirt which meant my prick nestled nicely between her arse cheeks.I leant forward and started to rub her clit as her arse ground against my cock then I pulled hard on her nipples and heard her moan out.I called her my slut and eased her panties which were drenched to one side with one hand whilst spreading her arse cheeks with the other.She took hold of my cock and guided it to her dripping pussy and I thrust forward and started to pump her as she was squashed up right against the mirror, but she still managed to get a finger down to her clit as I fucked her so I decided to slip a finger into her arse which took her by surprise somewhat but she loved it all the same.When I stuck the finger up her arse she let go and my cock was then smoothered in her juices she nearly fell over as she could hardly stand, but I just carried on fucking her wet pussy until I then became aware I was ready to shoot I asked her where she wanted it and she quickly turned round and positioned her face in front of my cock and started to wank off with one hand whilst cupping her big tits with the other I then told her I am going to shoot so she pressed her tits together and my spunk started to shoot over them and a bit hit her in the eye but she carried on wanking me until every last drop came out then licked my shaft up n down and sucked my balls before wiping spunk from her eye and tits.When she had cleaned me up she handed me her panties as a present and gave me her number to call her if I wanted a replay.We eventually walked or more like stumbled out of the changing room where she greeted her hubby with a smacker on the lips which 5 minutes since had been wrapped round my cock and left.

I have rung her since and am due to meet up with her on Thursday.

If there are any women out there who are up for a meeting feel free to contact me.