Written by catkins

14 Jan 2007

lying on my bed in the middle of the day having a little play with myself, my mind is working overtime as to who is sucking licking fingring and fucking me when i open my eyes and see the window cleaner looking in [i forgot they were due]. Now we have a team of window cleaners, 5 young lads and 2 older one being the boss. anyway getting back to it, i smiled at this lad and gestured for him to come in which he did bringing a mate with him, they were undressed before they got to me, god there dicks werebig and getting very hard, i was getting wetter and wetter, my fingers still sliding over my lips and clit. the first lad undressed me so i was lying their showing off my 38dd and my shaved pussy,one started sucking my tits, really chewing on them it hurt a bit but that just got me even hornier while the other started fingering me while stroking his very thick 7" dick, god i couldnt wait for it to be inside me. The first lad got up and shouted from my window that he needed help with something and could the rest of the crew come up, well i have to admit i panicked slightly, but that was all forgotten when thick dick slid inside me making me gasp leavins my mouth wide enough for someones dick[god this was fantastic], next thing i knew was hands lots of hands all over my body, onother dick pushing its way into my mouth wanting to be sucked[i am getting so wet just writing this]. first lad came inside me with such a force it made gag on the dicks sliding in and out of my mouth, thy both shot their load at the same time covering me in cum, i couldnt swollow fast enough. next i was turned over onto my front and told to get into the doggy position, this time the older guys wanted a go, one started to fuck my mouth and the other pushed his way up my arse this made me scream and for that i was smacked hard across the bum,this then continued with every thrust , it hurt but oh how i loved it, when they had both come they sat back while the younger lads had another go, i have never come so much and have never been so sore but god it was the best.

i just have to wait another 6 weeks for it to maybe happen again.