Written by Dave N Chelle

18 Jun 2006

The party had been great and the theme of tarts n pimps went down real well, almost everyone had turned up in either stockings, suspenders and basques or in stupid 70's style huggy bear pimp outfits.

There was now only me n Chelle, Steve n Tracy and Paul n Carol.

Steve me an Chelle were downstairs drinking and flirting outrageously, with Chelle letting Steve lick her tits and finger her wet pussy with me watching and slowly wanking my cock.

Paul had gone upstairs earlier with Tracey and Carol, we presumed they were all enjoying doing something together.

Steve was soon between Chelles legs and was opening her pussy lips wide and lapping at her clit. She loves this and it makes her pussy very wet. He was starting to lap at her arse and licking all the way along her open wet slit to her clit where he sucked it into his mouth.

I could see the juice bubbling out of her pussy each time he took his mouth away to start again. I moved over and opened her lips for him. I pushed 2 fingers inside her soaking wet hole and pried her pussy lips open wide. This makes her go crazy as she knows what normally comes next, a real good fisting for her cunt.

Steve rubbed his hand all over her pussy to lubricate it with her juices and as I opened her cunt wider he began to insert his fingers.

2 at first slowly pushing them in and out getting more of her juices flowing. Then 3 working them in as I held her lips open wide. Then 4 pushing and opening her cunt lips wider with each stroke. He then inseted his thumb and began to work his whole hand into her pussy to his knuckles.

I had to remove my fingers to give him more room.

I was licking Chelles clit now and making her as wet as possible. Steve hand was up to his knuckles and her lips were open and glistening.

Chelle was in heaven and was graoning loadly as Steves hand suddenly slipped inside her wide open pussy. He began to push inside her until it was embedded in her cunt to his wrist. I was watching and licking her clit and Chelle was moaning she was going to come soon.

Steve began to move his hand in an in out motion rotating his wrist at the same time. This made Chelles pussy stretch wide each time he withdrew his hand and she began to moan harder she was coming.I sucked hard on her clit as Steve thrust deep into her and she began to come. I could feel her pussy contracting and I moved my mouth off her clit and spit all her juices onto her wide open stretched lips. Rubbing her clitoris futiously as I wanted Steve to see Chelle squirt her juices.

As she came her hips bucked and heaved and she grabbed Steves arm and forced his hand as deep into her cunt as I have ever seen and she came loudly squirting little jets of juice onto Steves arm and face as he is pushed his faced towards her pussy.

She began to shiver as she squirted one last little jet of come into Steves mouth and she told him what a dirty fuckin bastard he was sucking her juices from her pussy.

Steve pulled his hand from Chelles pussy and it came out with a slurping sound and he openly kissed Chelle sharing her come juice with her.

I quickly shoved my cock into her massive hole and came almost immediately shooting great wads of come deep into her. I just kept pumping it up her huge open pussy. Chelle just kept shouting for me to fill her with my spunk and I obliged as I pumped myself dry into her massive cunt.

Steves cock needed attention and as I withdrew a huge glob of spunk shot from Chelles hole and onto the leather settee I licked it off and kissed Chelle as Steve shoved his cock into her.

As I kissed Chelle I dribbled the sperm into her mouth and she swallowed it all hungrily.

I began to work on her nipples and bit and sucked them hard. Twisting her nipples until she began to scream with pleasure and pain.

Steves rythum speeded up and I knew he was going to shoot his sperm into my wife so I began to rub Chelles clit and with my other hand shoved 2 fingers into her spunk covered arse. She came again imeediately as Steve began spurting into her. He kept on coming for what seemed like ages as Chelles body quivered and shook with her orgasm. Spunk ran out of her pussy lubricating my fingers as they pumped into her arse as Steve pumped into her cunt.

He pulled out his cock and shot the last of his come onto her clit and rubbed his cock into her clit as Chelle squirted little jets of come out of her pussy.

I shoved my fingers into her cunt and pulled them out covered with come and let Chelle suck my fingers dry. Steve then moved up her body and made Chelle suck his cock clean as I licked her pussy clean.

When my mouth was full of all our juices I motioned Steve to get out of the way and positioned myself above Chelles mouth and she opened wide knowing what I was going to do as I spat the sperm into her open mouth she sucked it in and swalled it all then kissed me.

All I could taste was come and salty juice it was very horny.

We began to calm down and Chelle told me to get some toilet roll to clean the mess of the leather suite. When I got back I found Steve between Chelles legs cleaning her up, he said he enjoyed this later on as it was the first time he had tried this.

I managed to soak up what was on the settee and we all calmed down and cuddled together on the sofa.

We must have dozed for a short time only 10 or 15 minutes because when we woke the house seemed silent and we decided to go upstairs to bed.

Now this is when the second part of the sexcapade happened when Chelle decided to surprise Paul by getting into bed with him because the girls had fallen asleep together and she had always wanted to fuck Paul because he had a huge cock but thats a story for later.