Written by Pixiesha

29 Sep 2017

My friend comes round with her younger brother . he keeps looking at me and looks embarrassed when I notice it Turns me on . I tell u privately that I want to fuck him and maybe teach him a few things- my friend goes home but he wants to stay with us so I'm happy. I flirt with him making him feel That I am interested in something - he is very wary because your in the room . I touch his leg and tell him it's ok we are just talking My boyfriend doesn't mind what we do ... so you leave the room . I notice the boy is hard so I sit on him and we kiss , he kisses me hard very turned on . I ask if he's had sex before and he tells me he had once but she was not very polite about his performance and so hadn't had anything since . I ask about his age and he tells me he's 19 . I ask him if he would like to look at me naked , he blushes and tells me eagerly that yes he would so I take off my clothes and I stand in front of him . I start to take his clothes of pausing to kiss him . I can see he is very turned on and very nervous. I put his hands on my tits and he leans in to suck my nipples . I ask him to feel how wet I am and you walk back in the room . He tries to cover up and embarrassed tries to look innocent. I tell him not to panic and that you don't mind and i ask ..it's ok if he watches isn't it ? He Is unsure and I noticed his big hard cock had gone soft he was feeling a bit uncomfortable ... so I kneel between his legs and suck him - you watch but the boy struggles to relax worried this is all a trick but the longer I suck the harder he gets and he gets to a point where he is so turned on he doesn't notice u watching anymore. I stop sucking but he tries to push my head there desperate to cum in my mouth . I grab his hand and tell him no ! I want to cum and you will fuck me first .. he eagerly obliges , grabs me so we are now laying on the floor .He puts my legs over his shoulder and slips his hard cock inside me and starts to fuck me -you can see my feet and my face as he pounds into me I’m about to cum so you move closer to watch and touch me / he cums inside me And i scream shortly after - you nearly cum watching . He apologises feeling ashamed now that he has cum he feels bad like he did something wrong so we reassure him and tell him that we are cool and enjoyed it - once he is reassured he relaxes , smiling he says ... that was awesome , can Fuck you again? So I open my legs and tell him he can fuck my Pussy again and so he does , filling me up for a second time . He looks very pleased with himself and satisfied as he cleaned up and dressed to go home . You hold me as we see him out the door and then you take me to bed , your very wet and hard and you ask ...did I enjoy it ? I tell u I did very much and describe the way his cock felt as you eat his cum from my Pussy ?