Written by Martin

30 Sep 2003

I am thirty six and single for the moment ive had loads of women but cant get close to anyone.

Well about a year ago i was asked to my work mates wifes birthday party, he told me hes into swapping which intrigued me

Well went along to the party and most there were couples the drink was being poured and the music playing. my mates wife sally came over and we started talking about eveything in general, then her friend came over and they started telling me about there swapping partys, it all sounded fun.

the night went on and i noticed girls going of with men they certainly hadnt come with so didnt take long to realise what was happening.

Sally came over to me and said did i want a taste of pussy at first i thought she was joking but no she was very serious, told her i couldnt and she said its ok my husband is upstairs fucking my sister i dont mind honest.

Well i thought what the hell so of we went upstairs to the bedroom, there was another couple shagging on a chair in the corner of the room, i took notice of them at first because the girl was being humped from behind and was coming she was making alot of noise. Sally began kissing me and slowly took all her clothes of, when in came two other girls, they never said anything but then stripped me and they strpped of completly naked.

they were all sucking my cock and playing with me i was in heaven, then it was my turn they all lay on the bed with there legs open in turn i licked there pussys and fingered them, Sally then sat up and got on top of 0ne of the girls and started sucking her nipples i watched she then got of her held her legs open while me and the other girl went down on her wet pussy, we all took it in turns to go down on her she was loving it, then we all started on Sally we all sucked and licked her nipples together, we were all feeling her body and fingers were being pushed inside her pussy, they then told me to fuck her hard which i did the other two girls rubbed each other up and made each other come, i was turned on by watching them play i shot my come inside Sallys pussy filling her right up and she come shortly after with the girls sucking and licking frantically on her clit.

I got dressed and went back to the party Sallys husband wasd back in the party as well, he just laughed at me and said nice one she good isnt she???

what a night