Written by Adam

18 Oct 2017

A couple of months ago I joined an adult dating site and got chatting via email yo a girl (I'll call her Sandy) who said she was 23, I'm 49. She actually initiated the conversation, and over a couple of weeks we got on really well, she sent me photos and I'd reciprocate. After about 3 weeks, she sent me a mobile number and said 'call if you want, I'd love to hear your voice'. So I did, she sounded really hot. We'd chat for a while when she was alone (she said she lived with her parents) or when I was out or home alone (I'm married, but it's more like house sharing as my wife hasn't been interested in sex for a couple of years).

Our conversations, at fast, would be very flirty, then over a week or so, she began to detail what she like to do during sex, what her fantasies were, etc., and she asked if I had any fantasies.

The other week, she told me that one of her fantasies was to have sex with 2 guys, she said she wanted to watch them sucking and fucking each other. Then she said 'I know all men have those thoughts, do you ever fantasise about sucking cock?'

I had to admit that I had thought about it. Then she said 'so if you turned up and there was a cock here, you'd suck it'

I said 'why, are you inviting me and someone else over?'

She then said 'maybe. I have to go, my mums home'

Last week I mentioned that my wife was taking the kids to her parents for the weekend, she said her parents were away on holiday and as she didn't drive would I like to come over. We planned for me to be there about 1pm on Saturday.

I drove over early, pulled up down the road. I sat there for about 30 minutes (traffic was lighter than I thought). While I sat there I saw a taxi pull up and two girls get out (one was Sandy), both girls went into the house. She called me a few minutes later and said 'are you coming over, I've a surprise for you'

At 1pm, I knocked on the door, from inside I heard 'just a minute', a few minutes later the door opened and I heard 'come in' from behind the door. I stepped in and there was Sandy standing behind the door wearing just a pair of lacy knickers, her beautiful tits swinging free. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a long deep kiss, then said 'glad you could come'.

'Not as glad as me' I said. She grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs, then said 'I have a surprise for you'.

We walked in the bedroom, and there on the bed lay the other girl from the Taxi, she was laying on her front but I could easily see her large tits, she was also wearing a pair of lacy knickers.

Sandy said 'Maxine wants to play with us, you can call her Max, get undressed and we're all your's'

I stripped, my cock was rigid by the time I had my boxers off. I walked over to the bed, Sandy knelt on the bed and kissed me while I played with her tits. She pulled me down onto the bed, as I lay between the girls Sandy moved down and started to suck at my cock, Max came over and started to kiss me, then slide down the bed and started to help Sandy suck my cock.

After a few minutes, Sandy slid her knockers off and straddled my cock, then slowly slide down onto it. She was very tight.

Max started to kiss and suck at Sandy's tits. This was beginning to get me going watching these two sucking and kissing.

Sandy said 'you know what, I'd love to see you sucking at a cock right now'

All I said was 'shame there isn't one here'

Sandy laughed and said 'there is Max is a pre-op TS'

I looked at Max, you would never tell that about her. Max nodded, then slid her knickers down to reveal a very hard cock - something I hadn't noticed while watching them kissing. Max slid her knicker right off and moved over to me, offering her cock to my mouth. I took it and started to suck at it.

Sandy was really moaning now, and kept saying 'fuck I'm gonna cum'

Max was starting to moan as I sucked at her cock.

And I was beginning to feel myself building up to cummin.

A minute later, I felt Max's cock jerk as her cum shot into my mouth, this made me cum - I pumped deep into Sandy's tight young pussy, and Sandy began to scream 'fuck, I'm cummin'

After a minute or so, we all collapsed on the bed.

Sandy's next request, once we had all recovered was that I should fuck Max's arse while Sandy takes her cock in her pussy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon swapping partners. We are planning to meet up again next time my wife is away.