Written by Rich

2 Aug 2005

My girlfriend and I have been together for about four years and have always had a great sex life. During this time we’ve always fantasised about her being with another man but never did anything about it, until last weekend when we had the most fantastic time ever!

My girlfriend, Wendy is 24 years old with gorgeous 36DD breasts and a curvy size 12 figure, she’s quite short with short dark brown shoulder length hair and a little tease in bed. We’ve always had an open relationship in that we both flirt with other people and she openly fancies my mates but I’ve always been fine with that and to be honest I always found it quite a turn on…

Last Saturday evening was my birthday so I had arranged for a group of my friends and I to go out clubbing in town. Wendy was also going out with her mates and the idea was to meet up later to share a taxi home.

Before we even left the house Wendy and I were knocking back red wine and we were both quite drunk as we left the house.Wendy was wearing a black shoulderless top that showed off her breasts and tight black trousers that complimented her ass.

To tell you the truth by that time I was feeling quite horny but as we had to meet our friends we were on a tight deadline so we caught a taxi into town, said our goodbyes and met up with our friends.

At around midnight I was in the local club with my mates, Paul, Matt and Mark when I bumped into Wendy with her mates – to say she was pissed would be right – she was rolling and she had a real mischievous glint in her eyes.

I asked Wendy what she had been up to and she told me that she had been ‘perving over some fit guys’. I lapped this up as I love the thought of that and Wendy knew it – she went on to tell me that she had been flirting with one of them who couldn’t keep her eyes off her – he had even asked where she was sleeping tonight ! The idea of this turned me on and being the tease that she is Wendy went on to flirt with my mates for the rest of the evening – giving me the occasional look or wink…

My mates were loving this and for the rest of the night there was lots of cuddling, eye contact and touching. Towards the end of the night Wendy went on to dance with Paul and began to rub up against him before turning around and rubbing her ass against the front of his jeans. Paul had his hands on her hips and was gyrating behind her – I knew that he wanted her and I loved it… I had every intention of getting her home and fucking her silly.

As the nightclub closed Wendy suggested that to save on taxi fares everyone sleep at our house and then get home tomorrow, at this point Paul and Matt were keen but Mark had to get up for work on the Sunday – so he said goodbye and left.

We caught a taxi and I deliberately sat in the front leaving Wendy, Matt and Paul in the back of the taxi.

During the drive home I could see them all chatting and flirting and I started to think about how fun it would be to have sex in the house knowing that my mates were downstairs and could probably hear us as well!

When we got home we decided to carry on drinking for a while as we were having such a laugh and cracked open a bottle of Jack Daniels to share. By this time we were all rolling and Matt decided to stick one of my porn DVD’s on the telly.

This had a great effect on the conversation which suddenly turned to sex.

Wendy began to ask us all what we liked in bed and I could see that she was getting turned on at this point. Paul explained that he was into tying women up and Matt said that he had always wanted to have sex with two women at the same time. I told the guys about my fantasy and we all had a good laugh about it.

At this time it was getting to around three thirty in the morning so Matt and I went upstairs to get the airbeds down for Paul and Matt to sleep on.

When we got downstairs we had the shock of our lives – there was Paul and Wendy on the couch kissing each other !!!

At this point I didn’t really know what to say. I had always liked the idea of this but in our four years together we had never done anything like it !

Upon hearing us come down Wendy pulled away from Paul, looked at us both and smiled before return to Paul who was smiling and continued to kiss him!

Well I’ve got to say, this was the biggest turn on ever and I could feel my cock straining against the front of my jeans and my adrenalin started to rush.

Without thinking I walked over to the couch and sat down on the other side of Wendy putting my hand on her leg.

Wendy continued to kiss Paul and she had her hands on his chest, this was such a turn on and so I started to work my hand up her leg until I was feeling her warm pussy through the trousers that she was wearing.

Remembering that Matt had been behind me I turned around to see that he had sat down on one of our single chairs and was intently watching us with a smile on his face.

At this point I was so turned onthat I couldn’t resist any more. I slowly unclipped the front of Wendy’s trousers and slipped them off from under her.

This prompted her to stop kissing Paul, but she didn’t take her eyes off him and slowly pulled his t shirt off before peeling her own top off revealing her gorgeous breasts in a lacy black bra.

Wanting to make the most of the moment I pulled off my top before reaching down and slipping my hand into the front of Wendy’s knickers.

She was so wet and hot it was such a turn on. I then started to push my finger slowly inside her and continued to watch her as she slowly started to lick around Pauls nipples.

I could see that Paul was loving this as he closed his eyes and layed right back making himself comfortable. I knew what was coming next…

Wendy slowly began to unbuckle Pauls belt before opening the front of his jeans and pulling down the trunks that he was wearing revealing his cock.

Slowly, she took it in her hand and began to wank him off keeping her face no more than four inches away from it.

This was getting me so turned on I couldn’t resist and so I stood up, took off my trousers and began to wank myself as I was watching them.

I cast a quick look over to Matt who was by this time almost naked apart from his boxers with his hand inside them. Matt had a smile on his face and gave me a quick nod – I knew he was loving it !

At this time Wendy slowly took the head of Pauls cock in her mouth and slowly started to suck it. Paul let off a groan and Wendy appeared to love this and changed her position so that she was kneeling over him with her ass in the air . Her movement started to become swifter and I could see her taking more and more of Pauls cock in her mouth.

I changed my position so that I was directly behind Wendy and slowly started to pull off her knickers which by this time were soaking wet…

I slowly began to push my cock inside her and Wendy let out a small groan before pushing herself against me to build up momentum.

Paul was still laying back with his eyes closed and he looked like he was close because he had gone red and had started to breathe heavily.

I continued to pound away at Wendy from behind and it wasn’t long before I came inside of her. I have to say that it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life. I withdrew, and returned to the couch to watch some of the action.

Wendy continued to suck on Paul and by this point they were both making eye contact with each other only turning me on even more.

At this point I expected Paul to come, but he didn’t. He suddenly pushed Wendy off so that she was laying with her back on the floor and climbed astride her so that his cock was directly over her face and tits. Wendy then did the sexiest thing ever – she looked at him and said ‘ Come on, fuck me then ‘. This seemed to turn Paul on as he suddenly pushed his cock into her mouth and began to face fuck her. Feeling a second wind I joined them on the floor and started to use my fingers on Wendy again. This time I began to rub her and it wasn’t too long before she was shuddering against my hand.

By this point Paul had withdrew and was squeezing her right breast while he used his other hand to wank himself off. I could still see that Matt was having fun as he was wanking himself as he watched all of the fun.

Suddenly, without warning Paul let out a groan and shot his come, all over Wendys breasts, loving this Wendy took his cock in her mouth until Paul had recovered enough to pull himself off her.

Wendy lay on the floor and we all began to laugh – shocked and happy at what had just happened. When we had all regained composure Wendy asked Matt if he ‘wanted a hand’ but Matt said no – I don’t think he had too much off a problem bringing himself off to a show like that.

At that point we all decided that it would be a good idea if we all went to bed. I was shattered but happy that everyone had enjoyed the night and we had all had so much fun.

It wasn’t until last night while we were having sex that Wendy let me into a little secret. During the Saturday night/ Sunday morning she had got up and gone downstairs to wake Paul and Matt up. Apparently she had asked Paul to tie her up which he happily had done with her dressing gown belt. She also told me that this time Matt had no problems sharing her with Paul before they both had full sex with her. She also told me that this time it was a lot dirtier with them both calling her ‘ a little bitch ‘ which she went on to tell me that she loved.

And after that? Well our sex life is great and its really spiced things up.

Wendy is really happy and still cant stop thinking about our night. We’ve now joined this site with the intention of expanding our horizons even further. Wendy tells me that she wants to try a couple swap next which I’m up for !! I still cant believe it happened but I had such a good night !