Written by Shaun And Emma

23 Dec 2004

As our first story went so well with so many readers I thought I would right and tell you about another time Emma and I visited Bretton Country Park. This time it was a daytime visit , it was a very hot August Day Emma was wearing a short denim skirt black strapless top no bra or pants, we went for a wander round the sculptor trail Emma using every opportunity to flash he tits and pussy at me and the occasional guy wandering around, at one point she sat on a sculptor and openned her legs then licking her finger placed it up her pussy and told me how wet she was , lets back to the car and go and find somewhere to fuck.

When we were returning to our car a guy said to us that he recognised our car from previous evenings there and thanked us for some very horny shows. This turned Emma on no end and we got to our car a decided to drive round to Litherop Picnic area foir some fun. When we arrived we noticed that there were about 5 cars there but none had anyone in them. We went for a walk in the woods and as soon as we were in there Emma dropped to her Knees and Started to suck me off , in no time at all men started to come out from behind trees to watch , there must have been about 7 or 8 of them , I told them to stay back and just watch and credit to them all they all did. Before i could cum Emma said I need a fuck and i Know just where, with this she headed to a small clearing with a picnic bench on it, we were followed by all of our watchers all keeping a friendly distance behind us.

Emma climbed onto the bench lay back and pulling her skirt up said fuck me now , I was up her in a shot my cock was throbbing and at bursting point as i frantically fucked her hard , she was xalling me all the names she could and our audience was getting closer and closer until they were all within touching distance and most of them openly wanking. I withdrew my cock and told the guys they could also have a look at Emmas pussy it was glistening , it was funny to see the guys lining up to have a look no touching just looking after about 6 guys had passed 1 guy easily the oldest asked if he could touch it as he had not touched a pussy in years , Emma just closed her eyes as he stroked her soaking cunt , not for long but thanked us all the same.

Then the last guy came up to us still wanking what can only be called a monster of a cock , I knew Emma would want it but she said she wanted to go somewhere else , He said he knew somewhere and to follow him, this we did and he led us to a small copse a short drive away, Emma got out off the car and was joking with him about something and as I joined them she was already on her knees feeding his huge dick into her mouth, i stood beside her and she alternated between me and him but clearly prefering his cock to mine. After about 5 mins she got up and bent over her arse facing him and he waisted no time in sliding his cock up her soaking cunt, i shoved mine into her mouth and we were spitroasting her really hard . He said he was about to cum but Emma said not in my pussy with that she got up and told me to kneel down next to her and for him to wank in our faces , this he did both Emma and i were faced with a monster of a cock about to cum and I was going to get a face full at the very least, then it happenned his cock exploded shooting cum over both our faces in our mouths it was everywhere we were both covered with that we turned to each other and kissed passionatly licking his cum from eachothers mouths and of our faces, then Emma told me to lick our friend clean, this i did taking his semi hard cock in my mouth and licking it tasting both his cum and Emmas , we thanked him got up and left for home where we fucked frantically most of the night.