Written by John

1 Feb 2006

We were on holiday in Greece, on our favourite nudist beach. As usual, my cock and balls area was completely shaved (I grow my pubes for the winter, but shave them off when the warm weather returns). Carole was neatly trimmed but covered this particular year. Neither of us had any tan lines, and Carole’s 40DD’s were a golden brown after a week of Mediterranean sun. We are both what would be termed “mature” but like to keep ourselves on form.

People tend to be friendly on these beaches, and we have had some fun times with various couples. This day we were chatting to a young chap from Germany named Willy, mid-twenties, muscular without being muscle-bound, speaking very good English, and with a very meaty set of equipment surrounded by a thick bush. He’d set his towel beside ours a few feet from the sea.

The talk turned to the customs of our respective countries. After a while he asked me if shaving the pubic hairs was normal in the UK. I explained that it was not a custom as such, but I did it because I liked the feelings and extra sensations caused by being bare, and Carole told him that she preferred it for oral sex. Then she asked him if he had ever tried it. He said no, but maybe he should. Then Carole asked him if he would like her to shave his pubes for him! What a brazen tart! He said that he would like that, but only if he could shave her in return – and she agreed. By this time both our cocks had started to show interest, and it was obvious that Willy would be living up to his name.

It was just past noon, getting to the point of the day when it was time to leave the sun and have a lunchtime drink and cool down, so we picked up our few things (towel, sun lotion, books and water) and, still naked, walked back to our self-catering apartment which was behind us, right on the edge of the beach. (Self-catering, yes, but only for drinks and breakfast. No-one on holiday in Greece cooks. The tavernas are too good, and that’s the way we like to spend the evenings). Back in our room we opened the shutters and doors to the balcony, got some beers from the fridge & sat in the shade with our drinks. After five minutes I went to the bathroom and got out the safety razor and shaving foam, putting them beside the basin. I took the scissors back to the balcony, gave them to Carole and told her that Willy needed trimming first to make the shaving easier.

He lay back in his chair, sliding his arse forward until his groin was clear of the chair, and spread his legs apart. I sat watching. Carole knelt in front of him between his knees, took the scissors in one hand, and lifted his heavy prick with the other. She trimmed the hair very carefully moving his knob to assist, but every now and then gave would give it a few strokes. It was not long before his penis was erect, and now we could see that it was a good thick eight or more inches of meat. By now I was gently wanking. When the trimming was finished she took the tip of his prick in her mouth and teased it for a minute or two with her teeth and tongue, then announced that it was shave time.

We went to the bathroom, Willy being led by Carole who had not let go of his cock, and filled the hand-basin with water (which was warm again from the solar heater). She applied the foam and started to shave him but she was not too skilled with the razor as I always did both of us, so I offered to do it. Willy was happy with this proposal, partly because I knew what I was doing, so I knelt in front and shaved him while he sucked and played with Carole’s tits. Eventually he was done, and when I had rinsed him off with the hand shower I dried his tackle carefully, then checked for smoothness by first taking each plum into my mouth and then sucking his semi-erect tool right down to the base. He was certainly a good mouthful. He passed the smoothness test, and by the time I had finished he was fully erect again. Then Carole repeated the test while Willy played with my prick and balls.

Then it was Carole’s turn to be shaved. Her front pubes were shaved in the bathroom, but then we moved her onto the bed with towels underneath and Willy shaved her cunt. To make it easier he put the fingers of one hand inside each of her labia major in turn to hold the lips taut as every last hair was removed. As he did this his fingers would stray into her hole, or rub her clitoris. Eventually she was done, rinsed off, dried and returned to the bed. Willy used the tongue test to check her for smoothness until she came while I wanked him and myself, then he moved to the 69 position to give her more orgasms while she sucked him until he came down her throat.

Willy rolled onto his back and Carole moved onto her hand and knees to continue sucking and playing with his magnificent equipment. While she was doing this I took her from behind, eventually depositing a load of semen right inside her. By now Willy, being young and fit, had recovered and was ready for seconds. She crawled forward over him and settled onto that massive (by our standards – I’m only just over six inches) prick. She was well lubricated by her own juices and my spunk, so despite the unaccustomed girth and length he slipped into her easily with a loud slurping sound and she started to work on him. After five minutes of this I had recovered so moved to their heads to slide my prick between their kissing lips where they sucked my balls and penis in turn or both at the same time. Carole came twice more then Willy filled her. After that he took my prick and wanked me until I spunked over his face and into his mouth. Carole then rubbed her face against his and they kissed, exchanging my semen between them.

After that it was shower, siesta, another screw then back to the beach for the afternoon sun. Willy kept us company until his return home five days later, and all three of us found the holiday very satisfying and fulfilling. Carole in particular was filled full – frequently.