Written by Nero

18 Jun 2004

5pm:We were in the bath. I washed her all over. My hands on her soft smooth skin. Her nipples erect. Mouth open. I kissed her, toungues probing. My cock hard and balls aching. I wanted her. She caressed me. Smiling. Eyes sparkling. She got out of the bath. Dripping. Wet. Her freshly shaven mound still pink from my careful work. The piercing obvious. The lips already engorged. Anticipation. I dried her hair. I watched her apply make up. Put on jewelery. She bent down pulled on stay up stockings. Her pert bum so close. I reached for her and touched her pussy. She let me insert a finger. God she was wet. I wanted her. She stood and turned to me. "No" she said. "You have to wait" She slipped on a short dress. That was all. It hardly covered her ass. A pang of jealousy shot through me. She was not getting dressed like this for me. Bending over she took my cock in her mouth. One quick suck and a kiss to it's tip. "Lick me first before I go, Babe" She lay back on the bed. Legs apart dress riding up. I got down on my knees and did as she asked. I licked the clean fresh juices. Teased the clit. She moaned. She came so fast. She stopped be from continuing. "Thats all for now Babe" she said standing up. Pulling the dress back into shape. Kissed me. "How do I look?" "Great" I said. Voice cracking. The jealousy back.

"Have fun" I said. " I will" she replied. "Love you" with that she left.

6pm:I had hours to kill. Keep my mind off it. Can't. The thoughts of her and what she was doing turning me on. Making me excited. Jealous. Vulnerable. Scared. Watch Tv. Later, I cannot sleep.

2am:I wake up. Front door opening. her high heels on the floor. Up the stairs. The bedroom door opens. I get hard. I am so excited. What happened? I must know. Must take her back. She walks into the room. The dim lights revealing her. I kneel before her still naked. I look up to her face. She smiles at me. I run my hand up her leg. Thigh. It is wet. Sticky. I let my fingers slip into her. So wet. So swollen. She shudders. "Does it hurt?" I ask. "Its tender" She replies. I lick my fingers. Taste the juices. Hers and his. She lifts up her dress. Pulls it over her head. Lets it fall. Now she stands before me naked apart from stockings and shoes. "This is how he took me, Babe" I noticed the tears in the nylon. Red marks on her inner thighs. Breasts. Shoulders. I kissed her belly. Soft and firm. She held my head, toying with my hair. Legs apart rubbing her crutch against my face making it wet. Moaning. She cocked her leg over my head. Got onto the bed. Rolled onto her back. Legs apart. She reached for me. "Come here." She took hold of my hair pulling me to her. Her pussy glistened. She let go of me and pulled herself open. Juice flowed out. "Lick me clean. Lick it all out. Lick all of his spunk from your wife." I shook. I was so excited. My cock throbbed. God I mustn't cum yet. I want her so. I went down on her. Not so clean this time. So wet. I slurp. Sucking. Tongue inside her. Hands gripping my hair. Moaning with pleasure. She shakes. An orgasm. I keep swallowing the cum and her juice. Salty. I cannot get enough. I feel like I will burst. Pain, almost. I finish and lay down beside her. "Tell me" I blurt out."All" She holds my cock. Tickles my balls. "Ok. Hes a big guy. well hung. Fucked me forever. It felt so good. He kept making me cum. He was good at it. Licking me and fucking me and fucking me hard." I nearly cum. I remove her hand.I kiss her nipples. "Ouch. Be careful, they are sore now" I let my hand run down her body to her pussy. She stops me. "Be careful Babe cos its really a bit swollen and sore from all the fucking she has had. If you want to fuck me too you must promise to be gentle." "Ok love I will be." I get on top of her and touch my cock against her lips. I gently push into her. She arches her back and whimpers. "I loved him fucking me Babe so much. I want more cock inside me. much more." " I know Love". I said. " I want you to get as much cock as you want. I love you." " I love you too Babe." She felt so tight. I imagined his cocked slamming into my wife. Her moaning for more. "Fill me up, fill me up" I wanted to explode into her. She started to buck under me, an orgasm rippling through her body. I did explode. I shot deep within her. I held her tight. She held me. I cried. I knew she was still mine.