Written by Steve and Jane

8 Sep 2006

I don’t write on here often, in fact the only other time was on the 5th November 2005 in an article called SHE DEVIL.

That was the first time my wife had a mmf experience and that was not a planed thing either. It didn’t open the flood gates for Jane to want more cock either, as she say’s it was a one off and she has to fancy a guy before she will fuck him so swinging is not her thing.

I have wanked and fantasised constantly since our venture with her younger work colleague last November so set up a little entrapment in the hope I could get her fucked again.

I placed an ad on this site saying I was happy to send guys her photos and even look at our home made porn.

I had lots of replies and sent plenty of faceless pics out. But only a few were brave enough to invite me back to theirs with my tapes to watch her in action on their video.

One in particular was keen to meet her for real so I trusted him with my address. We are building a new house close to where we live and I pretended that he was a very old friend I knew before Jane was on the scene and I contacted him to quote to do some of the work. On the house, fortunately he is in the trade.

When Jane came home from work we were in the kitchen having a cup of tea as if the business side of things were over. The three of us just chatted about family, his recent divorce, which was true, otherwise all a pre rehearsed story by us and and Jane had no doubt that we were old mates. Obviously we finished with the usual, must get together sometime.

Within the next couple weeks I probed Jane as to weather she fancied him or not. She didn’t let on much but I knew she didn’t dislike him. So I said he and I had arranged for us to go out in a foursome. Jane loves eating out so no problem there. I booked a table but just before we were supposed to go he called us, all pre arranged again of course. His date has stood him up and he couldn’t go. With the table booked and Jane all dressed up and ready to go we decided he should still come anyway. It worked.

Its difficult to get Jane drunk, but after she had a fair drink and got as merry as I thought she would get I warned our guest to watch out for her because after she’s had a few how naughty she can get and told him everything of last years Halloween event when she came home from work and fucked her work mate. Jane just giggled and said it wasn’t her fault; it was mine, I edged her on and it was the booze.

We had both taken a taxi and had been drinking and he offered us a lift, again all part of the plan.

Once home I started kissing Jane and touching her up in front of him. She went along with it to some extent but then she said “I bet you two set this whole thing up” I thought we were done for, but she actually meant the evening still thinking we were old mates fortunately.

I put some music on and we danced and kissed with Paul sitting on the sofa watching us. I said “I am getting some more drink, here Paul, you dance with her” He took my place and I left them.

It was now his turn to do some work on her. I left them for as long as possible and returned with drinks. They were not interested in stopping dancing so I sat down and watched.

Jane did not look at me once, just like at Halloween, I think she would have been embarrassed to look me in the eye.

He was stroking her bum slowly and running his finger tips up and down her thigh along the outline of her suspender belt. They slowly started to kiss each others neck until their lips made contact with each other. They had stopped any dance movement and were embraced in an almighty snog.

I had forgotten that he was a stranger, if she had known she would never had gone this far.

Their clothes started dropping to the floor and then he was kneeling between her legs licking her cunt. She looked at me then and shook her head as if to say, bloody hell her we go again. And I smiled back at her.

Unlike Alan last year he didn’t require any help from me he soon had her on her back and he fucking her. I moved in behind him and watched his balls banging into her.

Jane orgasmed very quickly and he slowed to let her rest for a little while. Jane has never really been into giving oral but he wasn’t to know that and moved around expecting her to take his fanny juiced cock in her mouth. She would have rejected me but she said nothing and just sucked and rubbed his cock like she did it every day, what a cow!

I got in between her legs and east me cock into her and shot my spunk as quickly as I could, I was so ready to cum by then.

Paul said he was also ready to cum but would like to do her from behind. He slipped a condom on this time and popped it into her spunky cunt. She was leaning on the sofa and he fucked her deep and hard. When he finished I took his condom on the pretext of throwing it in the bin, but I tucked it away to play with later.

He didn’t stay the night and I am sure we will see him again, Jane is still on a high about it all.

If you search for She Devil on the 5th Nov and read to the end and enjoy it, please email me and I will be more than happy to send you some of the photo’s.