Written by Big G

3 Jun 2010

Ive always gone on about having an MFM,my wife always refused.Whilst the fantasy of it turned her on-she likes me and her dildo at the same time she always insisted it would go no further,even tho she has no scruples or boundaries with anything else.

One night we were having a real heavy session when she looked at me and said "she would have a threesome for me as she loved me".Stupidly i refused as i said it was some thing we both had to feel comfortable with.

The fantasies carried on but got more intense on her part,something i didnt have a problem with-then came my birthday the other friday...

I booked half day so as we could have some uninterrupted fun as the kids were at school.I walked in at 1pm,the house was silent-save some movement in my bedroom.In the hallway was a note "draw the curtains,play the dvd and then come upstairs".I put the dvd on-there was my wifes face smiling back at me,the camcorder zoomed out showing my wife in her basque with her tits hanging out and the words "trainee slut" written across her chest in lipstick.The penny finally dropped that she was being filmed,the camera panned down to the top of her black lacy thong and then to her crotch-my breath was taken away,her knickers were pulled to one side and a thick cut cock was sliding in and out of her obviously wet pussy."Keep wathcing" i heard my wifes voice say.The camera panned up and she started wanking the cock until the film started to shake,she opened her mouth and took the first load on her tits then the rest in her mouth-taking the entire lenght of this big cock."Now come upstairs and fuck me"

I ran upstairs to find my wife on the bed with who turned out to be our window cleaner,she was riding him like a horse,her huge tits bouncing up and down "Cmon then,join in and happy birhtday darling"she said.I went straight over plunging my salty cock into her mouth she started sucking-orgasming at the same time-the window cleaner sucking on my wifes tits too,i couldnt beleve it.

She leant forward "Fuck my arse,I want to feel 2 cocks in me for the first time".I obliged and within 30secs she exploded with the biggest orgasm ive evr seen her have she was kissing and tongueing our guest like mad.She got her breath back and said "I want a real spit roast,u in my mouth and mick(the window man)fucking my cunt".She was on all fours and took my meat in her mouth,mick went round the back and plunged wot must have been 8/9" into her gagging pussy,we both fucked her hard,I didnt last long and came within 30secs in her mouth,she swallowed the lot.Mick continued hammering her as she had one continuous orgasm "come in me Mick,please!" she begged "I want spunk coming out of both ends" she winked at me.Mick soon came,shooting streams inside my previously conservative wife,all she kept going was "mmm yes" as he hit the target.

We finished there,mick went off on his rounds and i continued to fuck my wife for the rest of the afternoon.

What a birthday.