Written by dave

17 Jan 2006

My wife mary is 39 years old and attractive for her age. We have been married for 12 years during this time I have wondered what it would be like to watch her get it of with another man. She works for an insurance company in London. A working partner call justin left the company to start his own photographic company as things weren´t going to well with the insurance firm where they worked .he was a keen ameture photographer. Mary Justin where good friends and he would visit us now and again with his wife.Last saturday he came to visit us and he told us his company is doing well. I got a beer for him and wine for Mary and things started to turn to erotic photography I think thats where he makes his money. Mary blushed when I said I would like Mary to pose nude for a professtional photographer.He said he would be most willing to oblige with the promise that no way would he show anyone the photo´s.I was aroused by his suggestion and said to Mary this could be a great chance to get some good photo´s of her.Mary said I wouldn´t know what to do and she´d be embarrest taking her cloths off in a studio. Justin said he could photograph her in our home and he could suggest how she should pose. Mary through the wine agreed Justin left in a taxi to get his camera equipment meanwhile Mary got showered and ready for his return.Mary was very nervous wating for his return I thought she was going to back down.Justin retuned with his equipment and while setting it up he told Mary it would be better for her if she wore bra and knickers for the shoot. Mary left and returned a few minutes later wearing a bath robe and what I thought where black tights.She dirobed she stood in a black see through matching bra and knickers with hold up stockings she was a sight.Justin photographed her as she stood in our living room she moved around as Justin requested. He asked her to remove her bra I nooded my approval off it came showing her fantastic tits.Justin said we should change the background he suggested the bedroom. Off we went with Mary downing her bathrobe.We entered the bed room where Justin said it´s now time to remove her knickers.She turned her back to us and slipped them down to her knees.Justin was clicking away and changing film.He said she should now turn round. With her knickers removed she looked great. Justin said she should kneel on the bed and lean forward her cunt was in full veiw.She turned round with legs open I was in a state.Justin asked if we would be interested in continental shoot´s he had to explain what that was.I was in fullagreement but must I fuck Mary or can he while I use the camera he ask Mary who said only with a condom.So here I was photographing Mary being fucked by an other man.After the shoot and Justin went home I gave Mary such a fucking like neverbefore. We have since got the photo´s and they are a treasure.