Written by Bobsee

13 Mar 2005

I tried to post a story about my present wife but I think it may have been a bit long. So I will go back some 12 years to Pat and my best friend John. Pat and I are still good mates but we just drifted apart some years ago. But at the time these events took place we were having a great time. She found out that I had been playing around. A bit of heat for a week or so then she just said “well if you can so can I”. She started with a guy from the pub where she worked on Thursday nights. He was a big guy both tall and over weight but she said he was a very nice bloke. One evening she got home later than normal around one in the morning. She was on a high and asked if I wanted to know why as it involved Mike. I said yes so she gave me the run down. It had been his birthday and blokes in the pub had brought him a few to many drinks so Pat gave him a lift home. On getting to the house he asked her in for a coffee and then described the events as follows. He was unmarried and lived at home with an elderly mother who went to bed early. He made coffee and Pat just said she felt sorry for him so she gave him a kiss and cuddle which led to him feeling up between her legs. She thought what the hell dropped down in front of him took out his cock gave him a few sucks and he came. So she kissed him goodnight and came home. Well we had a good fuck right there on the floor in the living room. Three weeks later I sat outside the back of our house when she brought him back. I watched him strip her in the living room and then take off his own clothes. First time I had seen her naked with another guy loved it when he was bending down to kiss her and feeling her up before he got addressed. Pat was then in her middle thirties slim but with big tits. When he was naked he had a big stomach under which you could just se his cock standing upright. When he had undressed he took her hand and started to walk towards the door leading to the stairs. They were going upstairs! Fuck I would not see what was going to happened. I panicked, could I get a ladder up to the window but my neighbours would see. Oh hell then I glanced back in to see them walking hand in hand to the settee. Pat told me later that he had wanted to have her on the bed but she knew that meant I would not see so had said no down here. Well she dropped down on the settee and he knelt down and kissed her then her tits and then turned her so her legs were off the settee and put his head between her legs. After a few minutes of that during which Pat looked up at the window and smiled although she could not se me she knew I was there. He then pulled her back on to the settee and she lifted her left leg onto the back and dropped her left leg on the floor. He got between them it was a sight he dwarfed her completely his big arse between the spread legs and wiggled a bit and then stared to slowly fuck her. I could hardly see her underneath him. Her head was well under his chest and his fat stomach hid most of her from view. It went on for a while then he stared to speed up. Later Pat told me he was just so heavy when he started to go for it she was hardly able to get a breath. So she suggested a change. From where I could see he stopped and got off her I had a quick glimpse of her pink pussy and she got up walked over to the stool we had in the room pulled it into the middle of the room and kneeled in front of it so she was sideward onto the window I was at. He dropped behind her had a quick fumble between her legs got hold of his cock and pushed forward. His stomach rested on her arse but did he fuck her hard. All the time she had her face towards the window and I could she her expressed as he stared to go fast and hard. Her breathing was heavy and she was being pushed backwards and forwards but the fucking. He then pulled himself upwards held her arse cheeks and shuddered as he came in her. He gave her a kiss and got dressed. She put her skirt on and her blouse and went out to the door to let him out. She then came back to the back door and unlocked it. I walked in she said “what do you think? My hand went straight between her legs and I know what guys who have shared their wives fell like. The pussy was open and very wet with just a dribble of cum. I rushed to a kitchen chair dropped my trousers pulled her towards me lifted the skirt and she straddled my thighs and sat down. What a glorious fuck she smelt of aftershave her pussy felt so wet. So good.

In the next bit if this gets put on the site I will talk about my mate and how that got going with her. Any comments send them to Bobsea1_1999@yahoo.co.uk