Written by jackie

19 Oct 2003

I have allways been patite,size 8 although i am male and had strong feelings throughout my teens that something was not right,not to mention that i only fancied men and i loved to go out dressed as a girl,and when i made my break from home and got a flat of my own in another town i went for it and started to live as a girl ,most of the time,and when i got some money left to me i took the plunge and got breast inplants,i finnaly looked every part a girl ,woman,as i was then 23 y/o,i had been out with other men and passed off very well and a few led to me giving them oral sex but that is as far as i would go as i still had my penis and balls and worried about the responce i would get, any how my first ever sex came from my new employer who is in his sixties i was working as a file clerk in his office in his small transport company,i new he fancied me but he was married and he did not know that i was a she male,one day he asked me to go out to lunch with him i new he was about to try things on and thought of every thing to make my excuses , we went for lunch and was sitting in his car afterwards when he made his move,he kissed me feeling my small firm tits i was turend on and by the state of his trousers so was he when he made a move to slip his hand up my skirt i stopped him he looked at me and said you cannot stop me now i am so horny for you,please, he said i thought of my good job my flat and things and what may happen if he found out my secret,so i paniced and ,unzipped him and took him out this will cure his urge as i sank him into the back of my throte and proceded to blow him wow he mumbeled and by the state of him i new that he would cum soon ,right enough he held my head and shot wads of salty cum in my mouth saying swallow i sucked him dry and tucked him away,and we returend to the office,a few days later,he came to me again and we went for lunch parked up in a wooded lane and i lowerd my head to his lap thinking this was goint to be ok,oh no he said not this time,lets fuck,i cant i stammered looking at his face he was a rugged man all male, come on let me in, my wife has not let me in years and i am fed up with wanting and i am so glad i found a sexy little girl like you,no i said,i cant,why he gently kissed me,fuck i thought i am going to get sacked for this or worse he has been courting a man and been giving a blow job by one,well hear goes i thought i hooked my fingers into my skirt and pulled in up untill my white french knickers were in full vew and my bulging cock and balls,he looked at my groin and then at me,sat back in his seat and shook his head in disbelief,you are a man,yeh i said sorry but i feel like a female ,you fuck guys,no i have never been fucked,a virgin i supose i said,look take me back to the office i said and i will leave sorry,no i like you your good at your job you look good and you give great head,and i still want to fuck you my head is saying no but my cock is saying yes,fuck me then i said ,he got out of the car and got into the back of his merc big car in the back,i followed he lay down and i took out his cock i was shaking but new i should not refuse him not now as he held his cock i sat astride him held my panties and buttucks apart and sat down untill i felt the tip of him at my ring i slid down a little more untill he entered me then more it hurt like hell but the more it went in the more it eased untill i was sitting on his lap i looked at him and his eyes were shut so i set to fucking him up and down at the same time i clenched my shit tube mussels on his cock he panted and was thrusting up to meet my bum i new he was enjoying it and when he came i could feel every spurt ,on the way back we sat in silance i could feel his semen seeping out and sat at my desk with wet panties all afternoon but i felt so good when he locked up he asked me into his office ,and i thought i was in for the highjump but no he explained about his wife and he had done without sex because he did not want to cheat, but this is diferent he said and i enjoyed it lots i felt pleased he stood up and kissed my kneck i new he wanted me again and let him bend me over the desk,he liftet my skirt and made coment about my stiky pants and asked if he could give more yes i said hurt me, and with that he fucked his cock into me much easer this time but still sore and nice and when he came i was in heaven he called me all sort of names and promised to fuck me every day,which he has done with the execption of a few when he is away with his wife,most days i blow him then later he will fuck me he never makes me cum i do that myself later in the loos but it is a small price to pay to have such a man in me,and he buys me sexy undies most weeks my latest is a one peace rubber and hand cuffs which we have put to good use he even spanked me for being late then made me gag as he forced his cock into my throte i love the way he uses me,most of the other staff know he is seeing me but only him and i know what i realy am,that was three years ago he is still having me every day as i keep him interested,and i now have giving up any idia of having my cock cut off as i like it too much the best of boath worlds .

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