Written by steve

27 Mar 2006

This story is from last summer when I was on a 4 week training course in Birmingham.

Work had put me up in a hotel but no car so I had to bus in every day to the course.By the second week i was saying hello to the only other person at the bus stop-a women who i thought was about 47 against my 41-how wrong was I.

Anyway on the thursday of the second week the bus didn't turn up so me and joan "the lady" started to chat a bit, ah your a geordie she said to which i replied Northumberland actualy but near enough.

after this i started taking more notice of her-she was always dressed in a skirt suit with the skirt just above the knee and quite pretty-obviously a stunner in younger years.

By the third week she had stated sitting with me on the bus and chatting-making general talk about work etc-what i did at night times at Birmingham to which I replied just dinner in the hotel then a wonder to a couple of bars then back to bed and home on friday till sunday night.

On the thursday of the third week I came from the hotel dining area to see Joan sitting at the bar with a glass of wine in her hand talking to the barman so went over to say hello.

The first thing i noticed was the skirt was a bit shorter than the work ones and she was wearing black fishnets which turned out to be tights but with no crotch and cut around the legs to look like stockings and sussies.

I asked what she was doing-was she meeting a friend to which she said no-that her husband was on twilight shift and she fancied some company so had headed for my hotel.

I decided to join her so ordered a bottle of wine and we drank and chatted together. After the second bottle of wine was finished she took the bull by the horn and said "i suppose you had better take me to your room and fuck me now if you want so i can get back before George" which sounded like a good idea to me.

As soon as we entered the lift she started kissing me and squeezing my cock through my trousers and did not stop till we reached my floor.

When we entered the room she said "mind if I freshen up" and headed for the bathroom, she emerged about 3 minutes later wearing only the fishnets and her shoes-came over to where I was sitting on the bed and puled my head straight to her pussy which was soaking wet.

I licked this for ages and her bum hole eventualy ending up kneeling under her so I could reach everything and eventualy she shuddered to orgasm.

Once this was over she sank to her knees and gave me the best blow job ever and swallowed the lot, I complimented her on her technique to which she replied "I have been doing that since I was 16 and I am now 56 so 40 years of practice makes perfect". I told her there was no way she was that old as I thought she was about 47 to which she thanked me for the compliment.

Next Joan lay on the bed and anounced she was feeling horny again and started to rub her pussy, after watching this a while my cock got hard and I then had to announce I had no condoms. Joan then got up and went to the toilet and came with her bag with a full unopened 3 pack "thought i had better get these" she said and proceeded to roll one down my cock.

The sex was if anything better than the blowjob and we tried missionary-her on top-doggy and her on top again before I came. After that she she said she had better get home before her hubby came home as it was now almost 2am.

The next day at bus-stop she wasn't there but explained on the following monday she had slept in and her hubby had drove her to work.

The last week of the course we continued to travel on the bus but she said although she would love to meet me again she could't this week as hubby was working dayshift.

The last I saw of her was on the friday when as she was about to get off the bus gave me a long lingering kiss and handed me a package and said "remember me-thats what I wore that night".

Tha package remained sealed until I was on the train on the way home-once it was opened it had in a pair of black silky panties and the fishnets and a note saying she could not give me contact details but if I was ever sown there again I knew what bus stop to find her at.

Needless to say the gift has provided the inspiration for many a happy wank back home-just hope they are hidden well enough from my partner. Steve