Written by happy husband

15 Aug 2005

It all started innocently enough but I soon got myself in a hole. I pretended to my lovely wife that I had been chatting to a guy at work and that like me he too has a thing about videoing and taking nude pics of his wife. Jane went crazy, “you told someone at work that you take photos of me and that we have videos of our love making, I don’t understand you, is nothing sacred?” etc etc. I was right in the dog house for a week or so anyway. But soon she started to ask questions, like, “Who is this bloke anyway? How old is he? You haven’t shown him any of my photo’s I hope? I made up a name, I said he was Alan 39 and I teased her that he had asked to see her pic’s but I hadn’t shown him any. “And you better not” she replied. “Anyway he would find them disgusting, does he know how old I am? Jane by the way is 47.

But she suspected that I had been flashing her pic’s and carried on with the third degree. “You have shown him haven’t you? I know you too bloody well! I took this chance and confessed that he had seen one of her pic’s, but it wasn’t a really naughty one. She went mad again but not as bad as I had expected, and demanded I show her the pic he had seen.

I went to my stash and chose a pic of Jane laying on our bed posing naked but with legs together so only her breasts were clearly visible and a tiny bit of pubic hair. She then wanted to know what he thought of it, so another lie was hatched and I said that he had said she had a fantastic body and that he thought I was a lucky bloke to have her. “Well don’t you go showing him anymore” I was amassed, I had expected her be so angry and that I would have had to confess that it was all just a prank but I was able to carry on the pretence about Alan to her

I said he kept on asking me to take in more pic’s to work of her. Instead of making me promise not to show him any, she said, “I can’t for the life of me see why he wants to see me naked but I if you want to show him a few more, ok! But only if I sensor them first, ok?” That was it, I had a Green light, and he started seeing loads of them and Jane was having the most fantastic orgasms after hearing of his comments about how much he fancied her. And of course I twisted her arm to stop censoring them so she that she was revealing everything she had to him. Sex was fantastic.

But I made a mistake and went too far. I let her think that he knew that she was letting me show him her pic’s and she twigged that I had been making it all up. So to keep up this pretence and convince her it was all true and there really was showing her off I said I would get him to text her.

I quickly bought another sim card and started some texting sessions but even that didn’t work at first, she still thought it was me until I managed to type and save a couple of messages and send them while I was by her side by pressing the send button while holding the phone in my pocket. That worked a treat, hook line and sinker.

She then really opened up to this Alan guy. Her messages to him (which she wouldn’t tell me about, except to say that they were texting) were really explicit and horny. She told him all about her orgasms while thinking about him, and he was asking her to get me to take more photos of her for him but in certain poses so he would know that the pic’s were just for him to wank too. He would say he was wanking while they were texting and get her play with herself at the same time as well. It was a dream come true for me.

Not all this was a lie however, I would be wanking away while I was texting her and I do believe she was too.

She wanted to talk so I said that I couldn’t as my wife may see the number on the phone bill etc or I was always at work or something, So I had to sort something else out quick.

Thanks to SWINGING HEAVEN. I placed an Ad for a guy to pretend to be this Alan. I won’t go into all the Ad details but it worked. I found a local guy who after a debrief was handed a sim card and carried chatting and texting.

And yes! They fuck. At first we arranged a couple of threesome sessions but now they are fuck buddies. Sometimes he just takes Jane out for a meal and when he brings her home I let them fuck in the lounge while I am listening from outside the door. That’s cool, I always get fuck her sloppy hole when she slips in to bed when he’s gone.

This has been going on for a few months now, he has said he has gone self employed so doesn’t work with me anymore and is bringing more of his own life into this arrangement so that he doesn’t have to deceive Jane so much. Unfortunately he can’t change back to his real name.