Written by Chris

25 Aug 2017

I’ve never really decided to settle down as I work away for a total of about 8 months of the year, so I’ve lived alone for years. My house is a semi in Cambridgeshire, large piece of land and fairly remote, other than my immediate neighbour the next one is nearly a mile away.

Due to my working away a lot, my neighbour (Sheila, a young acting lady in her mid 60’s) has always looked after the house. She keeps an eye on it for me, popping in to check on the place, she also insists on keeping it clean for me (even though I’m hardly there) - ‘I don’t like to see dust, even in an empty house’ she keeps saying. And when she know’s that I’m due home, she insists on doing the basic shopping for me, bread, milk, etc.

We have always joked about ‘her being the older woman’, I’m 45, but always thought that she had a good figure for her age. We do flirt, but it never goes any further, she always says ‘You’d run a mile if I made a pass at you!’ - all I’d ever say was ‘we’ll see’ or ‘try me’.

I’ve lived there for years (the house belonged to my uncle before he died) and brought it from my parents quite cheap. Sheila keeps joking about my uncle, ‘he was a boy, your uncle, he liked the women’ she’d say (and I’d notice a twinkle in her eye). I suspect that there was something going on there, even when Sheila’s husband was alive.

Last time I was home, I’d been home about 3 days, I was sorting my washing out and was hanging it outside when I heard Sheila calling ‘Fancy a cuppa’. ‘I’ll be round in about 20 minutes’ I replied.

Ten minutes later, I finished what I was doing and popped on a t-shirt, I was only wearing shorts as the weather was lovely. I went through the gap at the bottom of the garden, walked up Sheila’s path and knocked on the back door, the door was open so I walked in.

Sheila jumped as I entered the kitchen, she was wearing a dressing gown that was open and she was clearly naked underneath. She seemed flustered as she covered up and said ‘you said 20 minutes, I haven’t had time to dress’

All I said was ‘don’t dress on my account, I liked the view’

Sheila stood there and again said ‘you’d run a mile’, so I thought I’d call her bluff.

I walked up to Sheila, who had her back to me, put my arms around her waist, gently kissed her on the neck and said ‘well, I’m game if you are’ and slowly pulled the belt of her dressing gown off, then slipped my hands under her gown up to her tits. I expected her to jump or pull away, but she just stood there as I kissed her neck and played with her tits.

Sheila is 5’6 tall, slim and very well toned for her age, she has a nice pair of pert tits, about 34c, and until that time I never knew what her nipples looked like - very large and dark.

As I played with her tits, her nipples hardened and were large, she slipped her hand behind her and squeezed my cock through my shorts (it was already very rigid), Sheila said ‘oooo, that feels nice’ and she turned around, as she did her gown fell to the floor and she stood there completely naked.

She undid my shorts and pushed them and my boxers to the ground, my cock sprang up to meet her. Taking it in her hands she started to rub it gently. Then she said ‘hhmmmm, it must be a family thing, having a nice, large cock. Your uncles was the same’

We kissed for a while as she played with my cock, then I picked her up, sat her on the worktop and kenlt down to lick her pussy. For a woman in her 60’s, she kept her pussy well trimmed, hardly a hair present.

I found her lis and parted them with a finger, feeling her wetness inside, then slowly began to finger her, pushing one, two, then three fingers into her. She squirmed and let out a moan.

After a few minutes of her moaning, I decide that I needed to taste her, leaning forward I pushed my tongue into her wet pussy, her taste was fantastic. I let my tongue wander around for a few minutes, then stopped it on her clit to gently lick it, then suck, then nipple.

Sheila was going mad, she was building up to cummin and moaning loadly. WIthin a few minutes she was cummin across my face, her cum was flooding from her pussy. I licked up as much as I could, but a lot managed to drip down her legs onto the worktop.

When she managed to calm down, Sheila said ‘fuck, that was good. Let’s go upstairs’

A few minutes later we were on Sheila’s bed, she was flat on her back with her legs over my shoulders as I pushed my hard cock deep into her sodden pussy. As I pushed in as deep as I could, Sheila lifted her legs higher to allow me that little extra depth, I started to pound deep into her with every stroke, her cum was still running from her pussy, my cock was covered in it. After several minutes I could feel myself cummin, ‘I’m cummin’ I said, Sheila said ‘don’t stop, I’m cummin too’.

As I shot my load into Sheila’s pussy, Sheila’s pussy exploded again, her cum was literally pumping out of her with my cum mixed in. Her orgasm seemed to last ages, and there seemed to be gallons of it.

We lay there for ages, me still inside her, Sheila with her legs still over my shoulders.

All she said was ‘now that was better than your uncle’.

When I’m home again, Sheila said she wants a ‘rematch’, that’ll be in 3 months - something to look forward to.