Written by B

3 Sep 2005

My girl friend of 2 years J are always on and off again due to lack of trust from her to me, we have an open relationship on her half, basicaly she does what she wants with who and I remain faithful. J has shoulder length dark brown hair, huge DD breast a slightly curvy figure and an arse to die for. A few months ago we had one of our usual arguments (I forget what about) and ended up splitting up over it. I the next day headed off to work as usual with J still annoyed at me and promising me she will soon be over me. About lunch time I recived an email off her telling me that she was heading into a near by town about a new job then to maybe meet a "friend" of hers. She went on to say she had no money and no way of getting there so she will ask one of my friends to giver her a lift and repay them in her own way. Getting worried but very turned on I tryed to get it out of her which of my friends she is talking about, her reply was simply "not saying but they will both enjoy it". Soon after she called me to tell inform me that my friends there and I should leave her alone till shes done. I was still unsure who it was she was with and tryed to get her to confess, she simply put the phone on loud speaker and had me listen as she was fingerd and played with his cock, all I could hear was moaning untill "Oh my god your cock is so fucking fat!!" with that she hung up. About an hour later she called me and told me to take a break and see her for 5 minutes as shes in the carpark behind my work. I rushed to the car park to see her in the backseat of my friends car tits being sucked and pussy being fingerd in day light and in clear view for anyone who walked past. I was shocked to realise she was with one of my old school friends "G". she got out of the car pulled her skirt down then put her breasts away, it was clear every male that walked passed had a great view and took best advantage they could. She kissed G good bye then came over gave me a kiss grabbed my hard cock and said "now it's your turn to be fucked around, I've got to go for an interview then your friends picking me up" I replyed "Your seeing G again?" "you have more than one friend don't you" with that she gave me a spank on the arse and walked off. I went into work but my mind was racing, who was she meeting this time, I began to text her begging her to tell me, she simply replyed "I'll call you later". A few hours had passed and I had finished work and returned home, I got a text saying "call me now" I picked up the house phone and called, she picked up the phone giggling and a male voice was in the background which I straight away regonized as another old school friend by the name of "D". I told her I knew who she was with, her reply was "so I'll fuck who I want" and she hung up. My mind was racing, I went to his house as it was only a few blocks away. I knew that he kept a key under a plant pot in the backgarden so thats where I headed. when I enterd the garden I could clearly see them in the living room, his arm around her as she kissed and bit his neck, I instantly became hard at this point and began to watch in amazment, she climbed ontop of him and they passionatly kissed with his hands all over her body and quickly removing her top. She sat up and began to tease him by undoing her bra but holding it on, she slowly began to move it away from her hard nipples soon as they were free it was like a frenzy he began grabbing one breast as he began to suck, lick and nibble the other. I could see she was in great pleasure she loved her niples beging sucked, I decided to call her and see if she what she had to say for her self. I rang her still watching but being sure not to be seen, she answered the phone as normal well apart from the obvious moaning, I watched her threw the window she was now dismounting him and kneeling on the floor, he stood up and began to undo his trousers, "what are you doing" I asked, "just watching a movie she said" now D dropped his trousers to his ankles. "FUCK!! thats huge!!" she said then hung up, D stepped out of his trousers and turn to the side to present her with his cock, and boy was she right, it must have been 11 inches wide and as thick as her wrist. Her hand shot up to grab it, she slowly began to wank him not taking her eyes of his large member, she couldn't even fit a hand around it, D told her to use both hands which she did with pleasure. After a few minutes he pulled away sat down and pulled her over to him and forced her mouth onto his cock. I could clealrly see she was having trouble getting it in he was that fat, she managed to fit the head in no more. I watched her kneeling infront of one of my old friends 2 hands wanking him as she sucked the head of his cock in amazment, I was so turned on seeing her do this. After a good few mintues of sucking his attention turned to her, he pushed her onto the floor ripped and her pants and dove face first into her pussy, this clearly took her by surprise as it was something I would never do, but she was clealr loving it, her back arched and her moans could be heard from the garden where I was. It wasnt long before she moaned "ohhh fuck I'm going to cum". She gushed all over his face then lay back as to relax, but right away D started to climb up her and held the base of his large cock as he slid it into her well used cunt. after a few minutes the whole thing was in and she was clearly in heaven, she looked as if she was having a day dream, until he slowly started to pump, her face turned from relaxed into one of total excitment and surprise, she began to moan loudly almost instantly. I could see his rythem increasing, getting faster and hard with every push, J was now screaming for all she was worth as she was fucked sencless by his huge cock, she was shounting at him "don't fucking stop your big cock feels so fucking good" they carried on for about 30 minutes with her cumming twice. she lay there cum dripping from her pussy in total amazment, at this point I left thinking they would be getting ready to go. I got home and text her, to my surprise I did not get a reply for a few hour, later I found out she was fucked a further 3 times. She was a regular at his house for a week untill me made up with me forbiding her to talk to him. But recently she has told me she wants to be his slut and I either let her or she will gladly finish with me for him. They are now regular fuck buddys meeting almost everyday for a few hours, and I am given a cummy stretched pussy constantly, I can't remember last time I didn't have seconds