Written by Mint57

17 Jan 2005

Following my New Year encounter with my female boss, our relationship really blossomed. Whenever her husband is away on business she would invite me round for a bit of 'fun'.

She knew I had a thing about mature ladies and would always dress to please. At work it was strictly smart formal business suit, jacket and skirt. Back at her place, she got really kinky, always changing into some sort of leather or pvc outfit. High heels were a must.

We have now progressed to role playing. I have always had a thing about being on the receiving end of a good spanking from a strict female teacher and my boss was more than happy to oblige.

One evening back at her place she asked me to strip off and put on a tight pair of white running shorts.While I was doing this she left the room. When she returned she was dressed as my fantasy teacher- satin blouse, very tight leather pencil skirt, and black seamed stockings. She was also wearing my favourite high heeled shoes.

I noticed that on her right hand she wore a black leather glove and that she was holding a large slipper - one of her husbands I assume. She instructed me to assume the position and proceeded to give me six of the best.

My thin white shorts offered no protection. When I stood up I had a full erection which was straining to get out of the tight material. 'We had better do something about that' she said playfully. I dropped my shorts and with a few swift strokes from her gloved hand she gave me instant relief.

Only a short session but the pleasure it gave me was intense.