Written by terry

16 May 2004

during one of our many forays into the local charity shops..in a maket town in north yorkshire..an elderly man was a regular assistant behind the counter..and was always very friendly and helpful..i always wound my wife up that he fancied her..we would often go in to buy womens clothes for me ...a secret cross dresser.but lucky to have my wifes support and help..except that she was a small slim size 8 to 10..whereas i was 14 to 16...a point which we soon realised he had picked up on..constantly asking if we would like to try things on..whichever one of us that might be he added one day as i held up a very feminine dress..and blushed madly as he said it...as time went on i started going in on my own..one day he said that will never fit your wife..shes far too small..with remarkable confidence.i replied..its for me actually im a transvestite..oh .oh i see he said well feel free ..try it on if you want...so i thought what the hell and went to the changing room..and hurriedly stripped..slipping the short silky pleated skirt over the silky panties i was already wearing..are you ok in there he shouted,,..why dont you tell me what you think i replied..at that i heard him drop the latch on the door. and peeked thriugh the curtain to see him putting the closed sign up and heading my way..he peered past the side of the curtain..oohh i say very nice..does it feel nice.. why dont you have a feel and tell me i replied..he entered the small cubicle pulled the curtain behind..and felt my silky skirt...lovely bum he gasped..as he squeezed my cheeks tightly..and whats this he gasped as he felt around the front to a raging erection..why dont you have a feel .i repeated..he slipped my silky pants down and fondled me..what a lovely cock he exclaimed..and what do you get up to with this..he sank to his knees and closed his mouth around me...and gave me lovely oral...i didnt come as i was too nervous..i heard the door being tried a few times...he stood up and said...i fancied you all along .. i put my girliest voice on as i replied ...ive found myself a nice boyfriend then have i...as i squeezed the small bulge in his pants..before releasing it and wanking him...he came surprisingly quickly..then we cleaned ourselves up and reopened the shop,,and he still is my occasional boyfriend..i go to his house.as he is a widower. and dress up for him..he cant keep his hands off me..its great fun and im tempted to tell the wife..im sure she would see it as harmless fun...maybe we will end up in a threesome...an old man with short skirts and stockinged legs to feel up on each side...i m sure he would love it!!