Written by Tiny tits

18 Aug 2004

As a treat, my husband Jamie suggested that i went on a shopping trip to Bath with Cath, my friend from uni. We had a great day, wandering around and spending money, and it was only when we turned up at the hotel that we had our first problem: we had to share a double room.

I've known Cath for years so this wasn't a problem for me, and equally she wasn't bothered. There was a big rugby match on, so we wouldn't have found any other rooms even if we'd wanted to.

We dropped our bags off and went for a meal.......

When we returned( after quite a lot to drink) we got reminiscing. We talked about how much fun it had been sharing a house, and I even admitted that I'd listened to her and her boyfriend making love (she was in the room next door).

We cracked open the mini bar and carried on drinking. Before I knew it Cath decided that it was time for bed and went for a shower. I'm a bit shy, so I took that oppurtunity to get undressed and get into my girlie pink pyjamas.

When she came out of the bathroom she got herself a drink and lay down on the bed next to me, her short black hair still slightly wet.

We carried on drinking and talking for a while, until she snuggled right up to me in her towel and said, "I've really missed you, you know."

I agreed,and before I could do anything about it, she was kissing me on the lips.

I don''t know what came over me, but I really got into it and kissed her back. I slid my tongue into her mouth, and from the way she gasped, I knew I was in trouble.

She let her towel fall, and I realised what she wanted me to do. I started licking her breasts and after her nipples were erect, moved down towards her pussy.

Just before I got there, she pulled my hair and told me to stop.

"Amber, I've fancied you for years, so if you want to do that, you've got to get your jimjams off too!"

So i did. I didn't mind the bottom bit but I'm really shy about my breasts(theyre really small) anyway, i slid down towards her pussy. I was amazed at how hairy she'd left it, but eventually i reached her clit and licked away. I knew that this was what I liked my husband to do to me, so I did it to her.

After a while she turned me on my back.

She leant over to lick my clit and her beautiful, full breasts rubbed along my chest.

Her cunt was in my face so I licked her, and carried on licking, even when she started doing the same to me.

After a while her bumhole started twitching so i licked my thumb and shoved it right up there. That seemed to be enough to make her come, so I carried on licking, only to be amazed when she screamed and came all over my chest.I was covered in hot fluid. I'd never knew that another woman could ejaculate, and it turned me on enough to do the same over her.

Next wednesday she's coming to see me and Jamie and we're going to see if we can make it even better.