Written by Den

14 Nov 2004

During last summer, I used to meet my wife Sue from work at 2:30 and we’d go for a drink before heading home. We are both 38 and married 18 years. Well on this particular day, we decided to take a short cut through the park, and on doing so, we chanced to pass a shelter where we did a bit of our courting. I pulled Sue in and asked if she remembered what we used to get up to here, and she smiled and said “yerr” with a cheeky grin on her face, it was the drink we’d had as Sue is usually a little prudish, certainly in public, and certainly never had lovers other than me while we’ve been married.

I pulled her onto the bench and soon we were snogging and I loosened the buttons at the top of Sue’s dress, and snuggled my head into her breast and started to suck her nipples. Sue was getting quite aroused and her breathing became very heavy when suddenly she stiffened and told me that someone was watching. I was just going to chase the dirty git when the parkie (park keeper), an old bloke abut retiring age, came from behind the wall at the side. I expected a telling off for getting upto naughties in a public park, but he simply said “want somewhere private to do that?” Although I said nothing, he told us to follow him.

He led us to the garage where the tools are kept and to a side door that led into his office. He showed us in and shut the door behind him. Sue perched he bum on a desk that was in the centre of the room, while I looked at the parkie expecting him to leave.

“Don’t mind if I watch son do you?” he asked

I looked at Sue who simply shrugged her shoulders, she didn’t care because of the aroused state she’d go into in the shelter.

She reached out and pulled me to her and I unbuttoned the rest of the buttons down the front of her dress, she wasn’t wearing a bra as it was hot that day. I pushed her pants down over her hips and they fell to the floor where she kicked them off.

Sue was in no mood for any foreplay, she lay back on the desk and reaching for my cock, entered the head inside her. Boy did she feel hot and wet as I pushed my full length up her. As I fucked her, I noticed that the parkie had taken out his cock and was slowly wanking it. I was fucking Sue and watching him, it was such a turn-on. His cock was fairly long, much longer than mine and it had a good girth on it but what intrigued me the most was it’s old gnarled appearance. He kept pulling the skin back to reveal a nasty purple head with pre-cum oozing from the eye in the middle. I could also see that he wasn’t very clean and yellow smegma was secreted in the various folds of his foreskin.

He came right over to us and started fondling Sue’s tits as he wanked. He then moved his hand down to her belly and finally to her cunt as I fucked her. He was actually feeling my cock as I slid in and out of Sue and he tried to slip a finger in her at the same time. All this time I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock and together with his hand on her cunt as I fucked her, it was all too much for me and I spunked up Sue.

Sue hadn’t cum herself and I told her I was sorry that I had been unable to hold back, but in an instant, the old parkie had knocked me to one side and was standing between Sue’s legs with purple slimy head of his cock poised at the entrance of Sue’s open cunt. He pushed his hips forward and he disappeared up he till he was fully in her.

Sue let out a gasp of pleasure and the parkie startled to fuck her very brutally indeed, drawing his cock right out and slamming it back in her. The size of his cock couple with this brutal cock stabbing brought Sue to an almighty climax in no time.

The parkie then pulled out of her and pulled her to he feet and pushing her down, said “ go on love suck it” Sue opened her mouth and he entered her mouth with that vile old cock, the holding her head he started to fuck her face but more gently than he had fucked her cunt, even so every so many strokes, Sue gagged until the parkie held her head still and quickened his pace and groaned as he shot his cum in her throat. I thought he was going to choke her but as soon as he pulled away Sue stood up with no ill effects. The parkie had just shot his wad into Sue’s mouth but his cock was still stiff and he took hold of Sue, turned her around and bent her over the desk and then again first easing his cockhead into her, rammed the remainder right up he causing her to gasp out, just as before he fucked her with long savage strokes, each time knocking the wind out of her. Sue came and came many times in the 15 or so minutes he fucked her like this. He grabbed hold of her shoulders and grunted like a pig as he sent his spunk up her, holding his cock each time as far in her as he could.

Finally he withdrew his cock and Sue looked like a limp rag doll flopped over the desk, as I slipped inside her and mingled my spunk with the parkie’s.

Sue could hardly walk the short distance home and couldn’t have sex for 3 days due to the hammering he gave her, it didn’t put her off though, she wanted to go back again, and so we did the next week, but Sue also goes on her own sometimes when I’m at work. He has even been to our house once when I was in afternoon shift, and I came home to find Sue asleep laying across the kitchen table, her cunt all red and puffy with his spunk running out of her. And yes, I took out my cock and fucked her there and then myself.