Written by Me again

17 Aug 2009

Thanks for your comments on my story,I would like to think that at least a few of you chaps had your hankies or paper towels ready as you read it and it helped to bring you off.

I felt relieved knowing he actually had a wife,it would keep our little bit of fun as just that,if he did,nt want her to know he fixed my washing line he definitely would,nt want her to know he was wanking himself off while I watched.

I must admit that after I,d seen her leave for work all kinds of thoughts crossed my mind,I wondered if they.d had sex before getting up and would he be in the mood for a little fun,I had a picture in my mind of his cock right up her his long balls banging against the cheeks of her arse.I got this picture of him pushing her knees right up to her shoulders and his cock going deeper and deeper into her,I found myself rubbing hard on my clit and coming off for the first time that day.

I went to my back bedroom and stood looking out the window,thinking that perhaps I was right and he had come off.I was about to give up when I saw him walk towards his garden shed,he was wearing a pair of overalls,it looked like he was going to do some work.

He went in his shed and immediately took out his magazines and started to thumb through them,then the first glance towards my window,it made me tremble.He started to unbutton his overalls as he did so turning more towards me.I could see his bare chest,he glanced towards my window and smiled.My fingers entered my slit which was already wet,I found my clit and gently rubbed it.

I was naked,I lifted the net curtains up,he turned fully towards me and opened the rest of the buttons pushing the overalls back off his shoulders.He liked small underpants considering what he had to put in them,he stood with his hand on the front of them and squeesed and played with the contents.

He pushed them down,his cock was.nt hard but was probably 5 inches long,his balls even longer.He pushed the foreskin back to reveal the head looking down at it as he moved his fingers back and forward along its length,it looked like he was struggling a bit in getting it to respond.

I tried to help by spreading my legs apart and letting him see my fingers now rubbing hard on my clit,my other hand pulling on my erect nipples.He pulled his underpants up,it looked like he was giving up,he buttoned his overalls and left his shed,I was right he had come off earlier,I felt really frustrated.

I had just put my dressing gown on when the doorbell rang,at first I did,nt answer,it rang again.I don,t know why I was so surprised when I saw him standing there,I felt myself shake all over,I was,nt sure I wanted this.He was very charming,I helped you to get your washing line up he said with a smile,would you like to get something up for me,his hand on the front of his overalls,you have a beautiful pussy.

He did,nt wait for an answer,he was already in my hallway the door closed behind him.I just stood there not sure what to do but made no attempt to stop him when he tugged on dressing gown belt and it came open.He reached and pushed it off my shoulders,it fell to the ground.He reached his hand forward and touched my pubic hair,a massive shock went through my body.Looking straight in my eyes he moved his hand up and touched each of my nipples in turn,they immediately hardened.

Still in the hallway he started to undo his overalls,a bit quicker this time,he let them fall down his body and stepped out of them removing his shoes at the same time.He pushed his underpants down and stepped out of them.His cock had already responded,it was standing out the purple head already swollen.

He took my hand and placed my fingers around it and started to slowly wank it,not a word was said.Like his cock he had big fingers,with his other hand he probed gently between my legs,my slit was so wet it was easy for one of his big fingers to slip inside.He knew what he was about,his finger went in just far enough to find my clit and as his cock swelled in my hand his finger brought me off,he knew he had.

His cock was massive and throbbing in my hand,hold my balls he whispered,I had to reach down for them,I could,nt believe how heavy they felt.He moaned as he used his other fingers to spread the lips of my slit wide apart then push two fingers into me,I came again.His hips started to move in a fucking motion,precum flowing freely from his cock.

We had,nt left the hallway,can I shag you he said,I fire blanks,holding tightly on his cock I led him to the lounge.I lay on my back on the floor and pulled my knees up to my chest my legs wide apart,I could feel my slit open.He was on his knees between my legs,his big fingers opening me fully.

His head came between my legs his nose breathing on my pubic hair as his tongue reached my clit the flicking movement sending me into a massive orgasm.His cock felt huge as he rubbed the twitching swollen head up and down the length of my open slit.

He centered it and very slowly pushed it into me,leaning forward his face just above mine.I,d never felt a cock go so deep into me.At first he fucked me very slowly,I,d already lost count of how many times I,d come off.He started to suck in deep mouthfulls of air as his hips started to move faster,yes I could feel his balls bang against my arse,that was sensational.

He could move his cock with some force,it seemed to fill my whole insides.We moved along the floor as he banged harder and harder into me,then with a massive grunt he came and boy could he cum.Having seen him come off I knew what I was getting,he came and came again then colapsed on top of me,that was the first time we kissed.