Written by deano

3 Jun 2005

for a long time now,like every man ive fantasised about fucking my sister in law,she is 33 slim and a body to die for,we have continually flirted since we have known each other but without anything else happening,then she finally got around to buying her own house,which i ended up spending a lot of hours unpaid and unrewarded renovating for her,well to cut the story short i helped her finally move in the other day,the weather was hot and she wore a low cut top and a denim skirt,showing off her goergous legs to the full,once everything was unloaded i went upstairs to see if she wanted anything else fetching ,only to find her leaning over the bed making it,her bum facing me revealing her white thong,to which i had to comment,she turned around and shocked my by grabbing me pulling me towards her and then forcing her tounge down my throat,

i proceeded to groap her arse and gently slid my hand inside her thong from behind feeling her moist swollen lips,she was now alowing me to slide a couple of fingers inside her,and her breathing began to alter,she then pushed me away and proceded to remove her knickers and hitched her skirt up revealing her beautifully shaven cunt

she then lay back on the bed to which i had to give her a good tounge'ing,she was soon screaming fuck me so i eased the head of my now very hrd knob against her pussy gently pushing,she panted and gave a big thrust taking all my 8" at once,i proceeded to pound at her whilst she orgasmed several times.i then felt myself starting to cum to which she said fill me up ,so who am i to turn her down,i then withdrew from her with my cock softening to which she then went to work on with her mouth,untill it was hrd then asked me to fuck her up the arse,bloody hell i thought all my christmases had come at once,i pounded away at her until i shot more this time up her arse,she then thanked me for my help,and hope i was rewarded enough,since then we have met several times more for stress releif,and i am now looking on this site to meet a complete stranger,so if you are interested drop me a reply.