Written by geoff/jenny and jane

5 Apr 2004

I am 36 and my wife jenny is 34, we have a good sex life about 2-3 times a week most weeks. One day we were at a family anniversary party and all the family was there including my wifes sister jane who is just 30. She was at the party alone because she was between relationships, later in the evening she asked me would I drive her home the three miles because she had an early shift the next day. I said yeah ok as I was not drinking, jane said goodbye to everyone who knew she was working early next day and i told my wife i would not be long.

We arrived at her flat and i walked her to the door to make sure she got home safe, when she asked me in for a quick drink. I said i had better not otherwise jenny will be wondering where i am, so jane said thats ok but just walk in with me as i hate to go in alone at night.

I walked in, turned on the light and turned to say goodnight and moved in just to give her a peck kiss goodnight. She opened her mouth for a snog kiss and pushed her tongue into my mouth, i could not help my self from kissing her back. I felt my cock rising as the very drunk jane was kissing me, so i started to squeeze her tits. She immediatelly pulled back and pulled off her top leaving her topless in front of me, i leant down and started to suck her nipples with her moaning like crazy. She obviously had not had sex in a little while, by this time my cock was straining to get out so standing up i undid my trousers and took out my hard cock. Janes eyes widened at my large but not too large a cock, she took it in her mouth and gave it the most goregous suck as though she has not had it for a year. I could not help it i came almost immediately in her mouth which she swallowed and sucked me dry. By now i am feeling guilty and thinking i had better get back to the party. Jane said it was ok but made me promise to come back tomorrow afternoon about 3, i said ok and she gave me a rather spunky kiss good night and i went back.

All that night i could not stop thinking about jane and when i had sex with jenny that night it was jane i was fucking in my mind. The next day thinking that it was only the drink talking the night before, i phoned to see if she had remembered, immediately she said that she hoped i was still coming round and i said of course i will be there soon.

i walked in still not knowing if it was sex she wanted, she came over to me and kissed me in such a way that i knew she wanted sex.

She took me into the bedroom and told me to say nothing and standing in front of me began to undress. All the time she did not take her eyes of me as she took off all her clothes except for her pants, she said that i could remove them. Then she said go on its your turn to undress as i removed my trousers my hard cock was sticking up over the waist band of my underpants which she was staring at. she came over and kneltdown in front of me and slowely pulled down my pants so i was naked in front of her. she got up and laid on the bed and smiled. i went over to her and kissed her down over her tits down to her pants. and slowely pulled them down, she had a lovely shaved cunt that smelt so good and horny that i had started licking like crazy. My wifes cunt is very hairy and i was expecting the same and it was a nice suprise to see a nice hairless split between her legs. She was very wet and came in my mouth in fact it was a real big gush that had me swallowing lots of fluid, jane was really panting telling me to fuck her please fuck me. I fucked her for about the next 2 hours for which i had cum twice. I did not know that sisters could be so different, they look the same but their sex likes are so different. jane told me to fuck her arse, but by now i was struggling to raise another hard on so she told me to use her vibrator on her arse. she nealt on all fours with her arse in the air and head down while i fucked her with her vibrator. My wife would never let me fuck her arse the most has ever been my finger.

I eventually finished her and told her i had to get back to jenny before she wondered where i have been, she told my ok but made me promise to come back soon. That was last week and have just arranged another trip tomorrow afternoon (tuesday) i cant wait!!

will relate further in the week