Written by Rob

27 Sep 2004

It was my day off and I was looking forward to a layin The phone rang it was Chris asking if I was doing anything today I told no just having a lazy day she asked me if I would like to come over so I said give me a chance to get ready and I will be there in about 20 mins. When I got there Chris already the door open I saw that she was wearing a short skirt, unusual for Chris as her skirts were always below the knee. We went into the living room and sat on the sofa Chris asked me what I had thought the other day. I said that I was a little surprised but very happy. She said that she had for along time wanted to make love with me, so I asked her where she wanted to go from here her reply was I thought that was obvious slipping her arm around my neck pulling me to her our lips met and our kiss became very passionate my hand crept up her body cupping her breast squeezing gently her nipple between thumb and finger Chris lifted my tee shirt and bent her head to kiss and nibble my chest I slid my other hand down her back and up her skirt she had nothing on underneath so as my fingers slipped down her bum to her pussy I could feel her pussy was very wet as my fingers entered her I could hear her gasps and moans I felt her hands go to my cock as she squeezed wit one hand she undid my trousers with the other he kisses going down to meet my cock as it was released from the confines of my boxers without a pause she took it into mouth sucking it all down her head bobbing up and down I had two fingers in her pussy and could feel her soaking my hand with her juices then she slid to the floor pulling my trousers off and kneeling between my legs went back to sucking my cock nipping and sucking me allover I could feel my cumm rising and I knew she could also but she did not stop I exploded in her mouth but instead of swallowing she held it till I had finished then let it dribble allover my cock I could feel it hot and sticky. Chris looked up at me and smiled I could feel my spunk running down to my ass before I knew what was happening she bent her head and started to lick me and sucking my balls clean of spunk my cock was already getting harder I had never felt anything like it was as if I was on fire I just wanted to slam my cock into her and fuck her but she was having none of it yet she told me to lay on the floor and as I lay there she lowered herself straddling my face so that I could suck her pussy and she could watch my tongue was in her pussy and around her clit driving her wild soaking my face and then she came he juices flowing out of her all over me she was gasping for breath and pushing her pussy hard against my face. I rolled her of me and slipped between her legs slowly letting my cock into her soaking wet pussy she put her legs around me and tried to pull me deep into her but I would only let the tip torment her clit she was shaking and as I pushed my self all the way in she let out a moan that threatened to wake the dead it came from deep inside as I pumped slowly deeper she said for god’s sake stick it up my ass I needed no second telling turned her over she stuck her ass in the air as I pushed in and as I did she was almost screaming more, more harder and I felt my cock throbbing and about to cumm I pulled it from her ass turned her over and straight up her pussy almost as I touched her lips. I was Cumming bucket loads soaking her legs gripping and pushing her pussy so that my cock sank deep as I cumm. As we lay recovering I asked where were are going from here she said I don’t care as long as you are Cumming inside me I also asked did Bill know about us she said No way. She said after the last time she had thought about us and went out and bought some clothes to wear for when we are together and that she would never wear panties. Chris got up and got dressed and said come on lets go out well we did and I could not believe that this was the same Chris I had known all these years